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Welcome to AMI Sector One

This site is dedicated to Amiga emulation and all what's related to it. AMI Sector One's only goal is to provide the Amiga emulator fan with the stuff he or she needs legally. You'll find here a huge collection of games, module files and demos of the Amiga scene. But keep in mind - all you can download here is shareware or a commercial product we're allowed to put it up, because we're having a written permission by the author or the distributor. You'll find a list of all contributors in the corporate area. We hope you'll enjoy your stay.


Major changes here on AMI Sector One - 23 December, 2001 - posted by Bernd

Established in August 1998 AMI Sector One (ASO) has become more than three years old. Today it is time to look back, but also to look forward in the future:

The site started in 1998 as a small resource for Amiga games and demos downloads. Already very early I was of the opinion that emulation in general should be legalized in some way. You must know that 1998 was the year of the IDSA (a organization by the world wide most important leisure software companies which fights against piracy) which even closed sites offering 10 years old Amiga titles. My attempts to persuade the software firms to make their Amiga software available for free were not very successful. In 1999 I met Jan Brockmann who could convince Electronic Arts to allow us to have their Amiga soft on ASO. Soon other companies joined and ASO became a growing and legal Amiga games archive. 1999 and also 2000 were the years of several layout changes. If you have been visiting this place for a longer time you can perhaps remember some of the old drafts. Of course we continued to try to get new licenses from the software firms and the site became bigger and bigger. In the second and third quarters of 2001 things became a bit silent on ASO because of personal reasons and therefore we could no longer dedicate so much time to the site. But this changed as several new staff members joined in the past months.. Many plans were formed but soon I realized that a great number of the new helpers could not fulfill their promises and a enormous part of the ASO work still had to be done by me. Something had to be changed and this is the point where we are now:

I am glad to announce that this is the end of the stand-alone site AMI Sector One. When you are reading these lines the major part of AMI Sector One will already be integrated in the well known Amiga site Back to the Roots (BTTR). This step was necessary since it has indeed become too much work for me to maintain this fast growing site as stated in the previous paragraph. Also together we see more chances to convince even more software companies to allow us to distribute their Amiga software in a free and legal way. I am looking forward to working in this experienced team. Don't worry: All AMI Sector One content will move to Back to the Roots as soon as we have finished converting and integrating all stuff. Everything else will remain online here until we will have completed this work intense one time job. Now browse over to Back to the Roots and enjoy our massive Xmas update.

Finally I would like to take the opportunity to thank all visitors and all people who contributed to this site in the past years. Without your help AMI Sector One would never have reached its status and good reputation.
I wish you all a good time and will meet you on Back to the Roots!

Bernd Gmeineder - Founder AMI Sector One - now member of the BTTR team

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