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This is our news archive. News before 8 April, 2000 are not available here. The reason for this is easy: On this date we changed our layout and the news until this date have not been restored. We greatly regret this. Our latest news can be accessed here.

Wanted Team - Update - Thursday, October 25, 2001 - posted by Bernd

There is an update on the Wanted Team site: The public version of the Janko Mrsic-Flogel replayer is now available. With this extern replayer you can listen to many classic Amiga tunes like the musics from Bomb Jack and War Zone. Don't forget that you can already legally download some of Janko's games from AMI Sector One. More will follow! Also there is a new replayer for NovoTrade tunes with example tunes. Some new custom modules and Soundtracker rips complete this update.

WinUAE 0.8.17 Release 2!!! - Friday, September 28, 2001 - posted by Marcos

WinUAE, one of (if not) the best Amiga emulators was upgraded to version 0.8.17 Release 2. Here is what is new on this version:

  • FIXED: Fixed the center_image() routine which was causing crashes with
    centering inside of screens less than 800x600.

  • FIXED: Remove hard dependency on RegisterDeviceNotification API so that
    WinUAE still works on Win95.

  • FIXED: Event timing works better now, and shouldn't hang any demos or
    games. (Bernd Schmidt)

  • FIXED: Max out at 512-Megs of ZorroIII RAM, since 1-Gig won't work.

  • FIXED: Merged in some CIA-related save-state changes. (Bernd Schmidt)

  • FIXED: Banshee AGA and Lemmings3 AGA are now mostly working, thanks to
    new delay-offset code. See the "KNOWN BUGS" section above for
    further details. (Toni Wilen)

  • FIXED: Sound-syncro settings can be changed on-the-fly. (Jose Gil)

  • ADDED: New version of "uaediskchange" utility. Put this inside your
    "Amiga" installation, and call it in your startup-sequence like
    "run >nil: c:uaediskchange cd0:" to watch cd0: for disk-changes.
    You can watch more than one drive. (Bernd Roesch)

  • CHANGED: Tweaked the sound-syncro code again. (Jose Gil)

  • CHANGED: Creating an AmigaDOS .adf file from the GUI will now create a
    formatted disk. (Toni Wilen)

  • REMOVED: No restriction on only being able to run one instance of WinUAE.

  • For more info and downloads, visit WinUAE Homepage

    Downloading problems - Thursday, September 27, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Many users have contacted me and asked me for the username and password to enter in the appearing pop up box when trying to start a download. This site is NOT password protected and downloads are ONLY possible from 1am EST until 8am EST. If you try to download something outside this period there should be a message which tells you that downloading is not possible at the moment. Though I still have no explanation for the pop up password requester, but I am working on a solution for you.

    Coverscans Archive Update - Sunday, September 23, 2001 - posted by Peter

    Some more coverscans for you to enjoy: Battle Valley, Huey, The Lion King, MegaPheonix, Pinball Magic, Rodland, SpinWorld, Super Grid Runner.

    New WinUAE 0.8.17 - Tuesday, September 18, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    There is a new stunning version of WinUAE. Here is a list of changes:
    Most important new features are increased compatibility, support for FDI and HD disk images, BSD socket emulation (mostly working) and save state option (for those who need this). A full list of the changes can be read here.
    Download the new release by clicking here or here (German mirror).

    AmigaTRANS 3.01 Released! - Monday, September 10, 2001 - posted by Marcos

    Hi all! AmigaTRANS, an [freeware]utility to ease Amiga to PC file transfers without the need for any specific software running on the Amiga, has been updated to version 3.01. Here's what's new:


  • Maximum timeout changed to 600 seconds for larger files

  • Serial buffer now automatically sets itself to available size

  • (The documentation has remained unchanged)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to hang at the end of a transfer

  • Fixed the Windows 95 buffer overflow bug (properly this time!)

  • You can get it at it's homepage @ Thanks to Zophar's Domain for the news.

    New sound tool for *nix Amiga Fans! - Sunday, September 9, 2001 - posted by Marcos

    UADE - Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator was released. UADE is used to play old Amiga tunes based on UAE Emulation. It supports 90 different sound formats. UADE doensn't need an Amiga ROM file, as all the required bios calls or funcionts are emulated. And as the name says (and in case you didn't notice) this emulator only runs on *nix (Linux, Unix, etc...).
    The news on this version [0.40] are:

  • Multifile loading support (VectorDean, TFMX, YMPlayer, ...)

  • Song end support for PTK-Prowiz deliplayer (for protracker + variants)

  • Optimized playlist scanning

  • You can get it at it's Homepage @
    Thanks to Retrogames for the info.

    Emerald Web update - Friday, September 7, 2001 - posted by Peter

    The emerald mine section, Emerald Web, has been updated. Please visit the Emerald Web news page for more information.

    Binary update - Sunday, September 2, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    With kind permission of GP Software Directory Opus 4 is now online. Dir Opus is the most popular file manager for the Amiga and is an essential tool for every user. Also you should visit GP Software's Internet site for further information about the new version 6 of Directory Opus for the PC. Many users requested 'more tools on AMI Sector One'. Here are some new addidtions: OctaMED Soundstudio 1.0 is a very good tracker for the Amiga. Please note: This program was formerly a commercial product, but according to the publisher it is now freeware. F.R.A.C. is a program to create fantasy and roleplaying games. The Bible consists of 4 disks and consists of Old and New Testament. Absolute Adventurer is a disk containing solutions for adventure games.
    Now the games: The programmers Keith Golden and Laurent Arditi allowed us to upload their Amiga games: Get Adventures through Time which was one of the first point-and-click adventures for the Amiga; Skweek and Super Skweek are two popular arcade/puzzle games with cute characters by Laurent Arditi. Cyber Man is a wonderful 3D pacman clone which is very enjoyable. Giddy 2 is Phillip Ruston's former dizzy licenceware game. If you are interested in Giddy 3 for the PC go to its site. Grand Prix Simulator is a realistic Formula One management game.
    Demos: This time there is only one new music disk called Ripped Gems.
    Finally there is a new wave of coverscans:
    Accordion 1.1, Arcade Pool, Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh, The Art of Chess, Atomino, Ballistix, Calculation 1.1, Distant Armies, Eye of the Beholder, Eye of the Beholder II - The Legend of Darkmoon, Fantasy World Dizzy, Flight Path 737, Hoyle's Book of Games - Volume 1, Hoyle's Book of Games - Volume 3, Inertia Drive, Las Vegas, Lemmings 2 - The Tribes, Magicland Dizzy, Mouse Trap, Obliterator, PP Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon, Project X - Special Edition, Protector, Seahaven Towers, Skweek, Super Skweek, and Turn It.

    Wanted Team - Update - Tuesday, August 28, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    There are some new or improved Eagle Players (Rob Hubbard ST, Protracker etc) on the Wanted Team Page. Also there are some new music rips of Amiga games.

    More covers and manuals - Sunday, August 19, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Today there is an upate with many new high quality cover scans und useful ASCII manuals for games which you can download. The new cover scans are of course in the scans section. The manuals can be found on the downloading pages for the games. Now cover scans (all front and back):
    Better Dead Than Alien (Electra), The Black Cauldron (Disney / Sierra), Chrono Quest (Psygnosis 1988), Colossus Chess X (CDS), Desert Strike (Electronic Arts), Incredible Shrinking Sphere (Electric Dreams ), Netherworld (Hewson), Oxxonian (Time Warp), Project D (Utility/Disk copy Program) (Fuller Computer Systems), Quadrel (Loriciel), Quarterback Tools (Central Coast Software), Qwak (Team 17), Return of the Jedi (Domark), Solitaire's Journey (QQP), Volfied (Oxford Digital Enterprises / Empire), X-It (Psygnosis).
    The user manuals: 688 Attack Sub, Airbus A320, Amberstar, Arthur - Quest for Excalibur, A-Train, Black Crypt, Das Boot, Budokan, Chuck Yeager's ATF 2, Debut, Earl Weaver Baseball, Ferrari Formula One, Fire & Ice, John Madden Football, Keef the Thief, Monster Business, Omega, Populous, Ports of Call, Powermonger WW1, Severed Heads, Sim Ant, Sim City, Sim Earth, Sword of Sodan, Syndicate, Ultima 3, Ultima 4, Ultima 5.

    New downloading restrictions and new coverscans - Monday, August 13, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Because of the results of our latest poll we decided to limit the downloading time from 1 am EST to 8 am EST. This will increase the downloading speed for all users.
    Also there is a complete redesign of the scans section. The loading time of the HTMLs within this section is now faster. Many new scans (all of them were scanned by Peter) were added: Alert, Alpha-1, Aztex, B17 Flying Fortress, Blue Angels, Boulderdash Construction Kit, Bug Bomber,Cortex, Dog Fight - 80 Years of Aerial Warfare, Emerald Mine 2, Emerald Mines CD32, F/A-18 Interceptor, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indianapolis 500, Kelly X, Projectyle, Prospector in the Mazes of Xor, Reach For the Skies, Rockford, Sim City 1.2, Sim Earth, Strike Force Harrier, Supaplex, Tetra Quest, Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain. This is a total of about 50 new scans (front- and back cover scans). All new additions were marked with a "New". Don't forget to contact us if you would like to contribute scans.

    Binary update - Sunday, August 5, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    It is summer and we are a bit lazy... Nevertheless there is a small update:
    Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel managing director of Paradox Software allowed us to have the Paradox Amiga games on our website. Most of the Paradox Amiga games were already released in 1986. Therefore, they belong to the early games for our favorite home computer. Download Protector (a horizontally scrolling shooter) and War Zone (vertically scrolling desert action) which are real classics. Also there is another Ed Scio simulation called Armour-Geddon (future flight simulation). Of course there are some new Public Domain games too: Empire (Amiga port of the strategy game), Pythagoras (popular German trading simulation from 1990), Roulette Game (realistic roulette simulation) and Sealance (best PD submarine simulator for the Amiga). If you are interested in Syndicate you should download Roger Moffa's Syndicate and Syndicate - American Revolt report which is very useful.
    Also we got a new permission from a tools company: It was granted by the company Hartwerk (thanks to Ralf A. Tetzel and Rainer Wolf of Arktis) which produced many German award winning Amiga applications. The first product you can download is called Translate It. This is an English/German translation program which knows thousands of words and is ideal for translating user manuals or letters.
    Finally there are new games and links on Emerald Web. Visit the Emerald Web News Page for further information.

    Wanted Team - Update - Wednesday, August 1, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    There are new sound players and modules on the Wanted Team page. Read the Page History for further information.

    Emerald Web - Binary update - Saturday, July 28, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    There is a binary update on Emerald Web. Click on the link to see which games are new. My tip: Download the Per One Mine series which has some nice Anime style title pictures.

    Emerald Web update - Saturday, July 21, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    There is a small update on Emerald Web. Click on the link for further information.

    Emerald Mine Online joins AMI Sector One - Sunday, July 15, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    The popular Emerald Mine related website Emerald Mine Online by Peter Levan has become a part of AMI Sector One and is now called Emerald Web (short: EW). EW features tons of Emerald Mine related downloads such as hundreds of games, coverscans and more.
    The layout of the site has been completely reworked and is now based on the standard AMI Sector One design. Have a look - it is beautiful. Also there are more contents, more Emerald Mine related games plus much more. The URL you should bookmark is With the start of EW, Peter has also become a part of our staff. Check the staff section.
    If you have any Amiga Emerald Mine related games that are not in the archive and you wish to contribute to EW, or you wish to review any of the games in the archive, please email one of the staff members..

    Reading Amiga disks on the PC - Sunday, July 15, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Previously you could only read Amiga floppy disks on the PC by using the Catweasel ISA Card or the ADF Read program. Now there is a third method called Disk2FDI: This tool requires any second disk drive on the PC to operate. After you have
    inserted an Amiga disk in one drive and any blank disk in the other drive you can start the program. Disk2FDI will save the contents of the Amiga disks as an ADF or a FDI-file (that's a new disk image format by the author of Disk2FDI). In my opinion Disk2FDI is a very interesting program you should test if you are interested in creating disk images of any Amiga floppy disks.

    Binary update - Sunday, July 8, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    By courtesy of Rainer Bopf Software Developments we can upload here the famous Airbus A320 games series. The first of these games you can download is Airbus A320. Released in 1991 by Thalion it was one of the most realistic flight simulations at this time. Also JU-52 Flight Simulator is available. Please note: So far this game has been unreleased and now is the first time you can get it for free on the Internet. BTW: Rainer Bopf is still developing flight simulations for the PC. If you are interested visit the above link or order his products directly from the Media Online Store.
    Let us continue with more commercial games: You can now legally download the rare Microdeal games Amiga Soccer and Airball. Many thanks to the development team Ed Scio (now running Brat Designs) and Pete Lyon (now active as a freelance graphic artist).
    There are also another two games from Mark Page - the creator of Super Methane Brothers: Escape and Escape 2 (registered version). Many thanks to all contributors of this update.
    We go on to the demos: A great part of you has probably already heard of Rob Hubbard. Years ago he composed many famous tunes for the C64. Now he is sound director at Electronic Arts. About one decade ago Allister Brimble arranged many of his C64 tunes for the Amiga: Download Rob Hubbard Collection 1, Collection 2 and The Very Best of Rob Hubbard. We are sure that you will know some of the tunes on these disks. Just try it. Also there is an early music disk from William Hensel called Deep fry the Sky and Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. The trailers for the games Crime Town Depths and Wing Commander can be found in the demos section too.
    Applications section: Get the rare disks Data Division Docs 2 and Data Division Docs 3 on which you can find a lot cheats, solutions and other stuff. Helpline is a disk with many German solutions for mainly Public Domain and advertising games. Also get Karaoke for Kids - it is very funny.
    Besides there are many new high quality cover and ad scans: Airbus A320 Vol. 2, Battlestorm CDTV, Dreamweb, Epic, Eye of the Beholder, F1, Frontier Elite 2, Genesia, Kings Quest 6, Knight Force, Legend of Faerghail, Lionheart, Loom, Pinball Dreams, Robin Hood, Silkworm, Sleep Walker, Spirit of Excalibur, Tower FRA and Zeewolf.
    We, the AMI Sector One staff hope that you liked today's update.

    New versions of Super Methane Brothers - Wednesday, June 27, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Mark Page - author of Super Methane Brothers - has sent me new Amiga versions of his game. Both versions are now running on real Amigas and Amiga emulators. Here are the changes in the normal version:

    • automatically switches between OCS/ECS and AGA graphics

    • copy protection was removed from the disks

    Changes in the HD CD32 version:

    • full CD32 intro

    • joystick / joypad selection menu

    • changed the internal disk name from CD0: to SMB: so that it is assignable on a harddrive

    • remove reference to the cd.device

    • minor code change: "tst.w 1" instead of "ifne CD32"

    Thanks again to Mark for creating these optimized versions which you can only download here on AMI Sector One. If you are interested in the full MS-Windows version of Super Methane Bros. you can download it for free from Mark Page's Internet site.

    I will upload other Amiga stuff from Mark Page later.

    Tutorial on WinUAE - Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - posted by Marcos

    Are you having some kind of trouble configuring WinUAE? If so, I may have something that can help you out... mv2k has posted a nice "Configuration-HOWTO" for WinUAE on EasyEMU, so try and check it out... You may get surprised!

    Genetic Species now for free - Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - posted by Holger

    The awesome Amiga-game Genetic Species is now available for free!
    It has about 180MB of data to download.

    Get it for example here:

    New staff members, new games - 23 June, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Probably you remember my news posting of 12 June which was called "New staff members are required". Finally I have made my choice and here are the new team members (sorted by the time they joined)

    • Marcos Alves from Portugal
    • Keith Michaels from the USA
    • Tony Whent from Australia
    • Holger Herrmann from Germany
    The new team members will be responsible for different parts here on AMI Sector One. Also I am just working with a kind contributor called Gustavo to improve our scripts. Some other projects are in preparation too... More about this in the next weeks. You can read some notes about the new members in the staff section.
    Now the games update: Patricia Curtis (formerly project manager and assistant programmer at Apache Software) as well as Mark Page (formerly programmer at Apache Software) allowed us to upload the Amiga game Super Methane Bros. (a game similar to Bubble Bobble, but with better graphics and sounds). You can download different versions of this game: There is a CD32-HD version (does not run on emulators) and an ADF version. Like so often I would like to stress that this game is NOT freeware. P. Curtis and M. Page are still the copyright owners and they granted a permission which is ONLY valid for this site.
    Btw: I am looking for the game "Murder makes strange Deadfollows CDTV" by Tiger Media. Is there somebody of you who has it? Please get in contact with me (Bernd)...
    And here are the high quality Public Domain games of this update: Jouster 3 (the arcade classic Joust for the Amiga), Kamakazi Killers (good Galaga game), Rattlesnake (street fighting game).
    New AGA demos are Repugnance, Roswell, Response, Tear down the Wall and Some Justice. Also a disk with the results of the Amega Party - Gfx Competiton was uploaded.
    Here are some new cover- and box scans: A320 Airbus (the game itself will soon be available here), Big 6- Dizzy Collection CD32, Case of the Cautious Condor CDTV, Chinese Karate, Euro Soccer '88, Fallen Angel and Hard Drivin'.
    And here is a last minute update: You can now download ALL 18 LSD Sprint Docs Disks (Sprint Docs provide cheats, solutions, freezer addresses etc). Of course every Sprint Disk has got its own HTML and screenshots. Thanks to the new member Marcos who made it possible.
    I hope you enjoyed this update. In the future the updates will be bigger since the staff has grown. Also you can expect more updates during the week.

    We need your opinion - 19 June, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Many people have filed their applications in order to become new staff members of AMI Sector One. I was really surprised! Finally I have made my choice... The new staff members will be introduced at the coming weekend.
    Now something completely different: At the moment I receive many complaints because of slow downloading speeds. What do you think? Is the downloading speed of this site really too slow? Please take part in our poll (right column of this page) and tell us your opinion. Depending on the results we will possibly set up one or several mirrors. The poll will end in one week. And now go voting...

    New staff members are required - 12 June, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Since the rest of the AMI Sector One crew (except me, Bernd) is very busy there is a demand for new staff members. If you are interested you should speak German and/or English. It is not a condition that you know something about web programming. If you are interested please contact me. New staff members will get full FTP access and CD-ROM's with all AMI Sector One files. Isn't this a wonderful offer?

    The biggest commercial Amiga game download on the Net - 09 June, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    We are pleased to announce that the company Net4TV Corp. (formerly known as Tiger Media) allowed us to upload their Amiga CD games: You can now get the fabulous game Case of the Cautious Condor here on ASO. This game was "Adventure of the year 1989" in Japan and got many great reviews in the press. The game has digi speech and sounds in the whole game. Its complete download size is 65 MB(!) So it should be the biggest legal download of an commercial Amiga game on the Internet. Please note: The game runs fine on any 68k Amiga with HD, the CDTV and of course UAE. Note: Set the screen to the US norm "NTSC" or you will see nothing else than a black screen.
    Of course there are many other game downloads: The following games were all created with the Shoot 'em up Construction Kit (also known as SEUCK). Some people who were involved in these games were later discovered by the games industry (mainly gfx artists). Blood 'n' Bullets and Slap 'n' Tickle were written by the same team and the graphics of these games are above the average. Go Looly is a very cute SEUCK game with nice in-game screens. Mission without a Return was coded by the Hardliners team, 109 is a historical airplane shoot 'em up and Computer Conflict is a shooter in which you control starship Commodore.
    Now let us continue with the last games of this update: How much do you know about Amiga games. Amiga Quiz features hundreds of Amiga games related questions. I used to play this game for a very long time. But you should be able to understand a bit of German in order to play it. Bill is a kind of trickshot billiards game. Cubix is an addictive puzzle game.
    Have you already known that "Wanted Team" has now a site on Emucamp? The URL is On these pages you can download all the Wanted Team players for the EaglePlayer and Deliplayer Amiga/PC, tunes and other stuff from Wanted Team. Don't forget to bookmark this Nr. 1 source!
    After a long time I have updated the Amiga Games Compendium: There were added 1176 new games. There are additional credits for most of these titles. View the new entries by clicking here. Soon there will also be an Off-line Amiga Games Compendium. Do not miss the coming updates...
    No update without new coverscans: Barbarian 2, Danger Freak, Dan Wilder, Erben der Erde CD32, Gunship 2000 CD32, Robocop, Strider and The Munsters.
    Let us go to the new apps: James M. Bardeen allowed us to upload his program Genesis - The third Day which was published by the no longer existing company Micro Illusios. Genesis is a program with which you can create wonderful fractal landscapes. Don't miss the screenshots! Now you can also download EA's Deluxe Music 2.0 which was requested by so many people. Deluxe Music is a notation tool with which you can compose songs or create scores. It also supports Midi In/Out.
    OK, that's all for now. AMI Sector One will be updated again soon. Thanks to all contributors of this update!

    New permissions - 03 June, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Several new companies and individual programmers have permitted us to upload their Amiga titles on AMI Sector One: Dana Dominiak from Webfoot Technologies granted the permission to upload all games from her former company called Image Tech: These games are the fantastic adventure called Dungeon Quest and the board game Kikugi. Although both titles were already released more than 10 years ago, they have wonderful graphics. Also Patrick J. Simmons allowed us to offer here his game Quiksilver Pinball which is a wonderful pinball simulation which has tables split over two screens. Btw: He coded Kikugi too. Besides I contacted Brian Leake from Namco. He granted the permission to upload his complex game Debut which was formerly published by Pandora. Finally I got in contact with Stephen Corry who is author of the popular "Soccer Cards" series for the Amiga. Now you can download his game Soccer Cards US 94. His other title League Soccer Cards was already online. A big thanks goes to all the contributors of this update!
    Apps: After a long time there are some new additions in the applications section: Colour It is a colouring book for children. With Crunchersdisk Vol. 1 and Megaboot you can crunch files or modify bootblocks of Amiga disks. Pumatracker is an interesting early soundtracker. And at last there is the rest of the LSD Docs Disks (45-65).
    Of course there are new game soundtracks, too: Check the Game Music Section for the new additions. Also there are some new coverscans: Iron Lord, Indiana Jones and the last Crusade CDTV, Loom CDTV, New Zealand Story, Skateball and WEC Le Mans.
    Finally I have written a small report about the Commodore CDTV. You can read it here.
    Watch out for further updates with Amiga games which are absolutely new on the Internet!

    Status report - 27 May, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    AMI Sector One has not been updated for a long time, but there is a reason for this fact: In the last months I had enormous health problems and I was for a very long time in hospitals. At the moment I am not yet 100% OK, but I do my best to maintain AMI Sector One.
    Another important information: Some days ago my files were moved to a different directory on the server. Therefore, a lot of links are broken and many cgi-scripts do not work. Please do not inform me about broken links. All problems will be solved in the next days.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    01 June: All links (except the guestbook) and downloads should now work. If you find any other broken links please contact me (Bernd).

    More games + PC Competitor Test - 04 February, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    I am glad to let you know that Alternative Realities have given their OK to have their games on-line here. You can now download the two award winning addictive puzzle games called Climbing Up + Editor and Falling Down. Both games are the registered full versions. Of course this is not yet all. Other games I have just added to the archive are Activision's Deuteros, the RPG epos Nethack, the successful PD game Megaball and the trading simulation Broker. Finally there are also two games which were written with the great video apps from the company Right Answers. The first one is called The Intrepid and the second one is Tumbler Street. Both games have very good graphics and animations.
    There is also a new feature in which I test the PC Competitor adapter. This fantastic adapter makes it possible to use 2 Amiga joysticks on the PC. You can find more info in the test or on the official PC Competitor site.
    Finally there are some new cover scans: Batman - The caped Crusader, Gremlins 2, Invest, Jagt den Calippo Fresser and Pacmania. Thanks to Raffaele for providing some of these scans. If you also would like to contribute scans please contact me.

    Jester Interactive grants permission - 20 January, 2001 - posted by Bernd

    Before we go over to the games let us begin with a new feature which is not mentioned in the headline: I am pleased to announce that the first version of the new Amiga applications compendium is now online. It has the following features:

    • There will be entries for more than 1000 Amiga applications (currently there are entries for exactly 301 apps)
    • Options to search for special programmes, companies and programmers
    • Compendium provides further information on Amiga emulator compatibility, release year, language and number of disks

    Also the Amiga games Compendium has been updated with 463 new game entries. Most of the entries include full credits for game programmers, gfx artists and music composers. If you want to browse through the new entries you can click here.
    Let us continue with games: The company Jester Interactive has allowed us to upload the Graftgold Amiga games and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Jester's marketing director Clark Evans for the permission. Jester Interactive is now mainly developing software for the Sony Playstation 1 and 2 but they also own the rights of the Graftgold classics like Fire & Ice. The first Graftgold game here is of course Fire & Ice. In my opinion it is one of the best platform games for the Amiga.
    Besides already a long time ago Vision Software from New Zealand allowed us to upload their games too. Thanks to Paul Andrews for the permission! The first Vision game is Seek & Destroy which is a great helicopter action game.
    There is also one new game from Shadow Software which is called Magic Forest 2 - Son of Wilf. This is a cute platform game. Other new games include Circus (funny circus game), Mayhem (good scene game), Running Bob (well done platform game) and Push and Pull (similar to GemZ). Also there are now harddisk versions of the following titles: Conquest, Dragon Cave, Evil Tower, For President and Racing Maniacs.
    Finally there are also the LSD Docs Disks 12-44 and the complete diskmagazine series LSD Grapevine 1-21. These disks are 'a must download' for every Amiga fan

    New Year's Eve update - 31 December, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    Soon the year 2000 will be over. This is the last update in this year:
    First I would like to let you know that Shadow Software has allowed us to upload their Amiga games: The first game which I upload from them is Jetstrike Junior which is a nice 2D flight action game. There were a lot of other Shadow Software Amiga games but I am missing some of these. If you have one of the following games please get in contact with me: Jetstrike Jr. - Fantasy Levels, Galleons (I do not mean the game from Sublime Software), Dogfight 2 and Magic Forest 3. Of course there are some other new games: Everybody knows Lemmings. Today I uploaded the New Year Lemmings 1992 (PD version). If you like adventures you will also like the Egypt adventure Pamehta and the exciting text adventure Temporal Misplacement which features digitized graphics and nice sounds. Kingdom at War is a fine strategy game and Wo ist der Mog is one of the best boardgame conversions on the Amiga.
    Today I would also like to announce my new project called "The early Amiga scene": Recently I got a lot of old Amiga disks with scene demos from 1988-1991 and I am planning to upload ADF's of all these demos and intros. Most of these disks will be Internet premieres because the stuff is quite rare. I am sure that sceners will like this project. The project will start soon.
    Some new AGA demos are Real, No, Pardone, Pixelstorm, Vision, Whammer Slammer and Zimbabwe.
    I intented to add more stuff but at the moment there is no time. I would like to wish all visitors of AMI Sector One a good and successful year 2001.

    Xmas update - 23 December, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    Today there is quite a big update. Therefore, I reduce my texts to a minimum:
    New games are A-Train, Adventure Construction Kit, Ambermoon, Amberstar, Black Crypt, Championship Golf, Omega, PGA Tour Golf, Sim City 2000 (English and German), Space Rogue, Ultima III, Ultima IV, Ultima V. Permissions for uploading these classic games was already granted months ago but so far nobody has found the time to upload these games. Some other new games are Bleed, Bleed 2, Galleons and Championship Baseball. Since Christmas is comming I also uploaded a nice Christmas game which is called Julgubbe and was coded by a scene demo group.
    Besides I have completely restored the demo section. Most of the demos are now available again. And remember: Some demos are only available here and not at any other place on the Net.
    No update without new music files: There are new soundtracks both in the game music section and in the scene music section.
    I have also linked the first 11 LSD Docs Disks. There is also a small script which lists the docs on each disk. Of course you can also download an offline contents list of all LSD Docs Disks. I will try to speed up this process and hope that the rest of these disks will soon be available. Meanwhile you can download these four LSD Trainer Disks. A new application is the great music program S.A.M. Sample Synthesizer which comes on 2 disks and was formerly a commercial program.
    There is also a small update in the coverscans section: You can download high quality scans of Deluxe Paint 4, Ambermoon and Savage. Thanks to Jochen for this great selection of scans.
    Finally I recommend you visiting the DeliPlayer PC Page. Here you can download the great musicplayer DeliPlayer which supports more than 170 soundformats (tons of Amiga formats, but also MP3 and C64 SID). The best thing is that the player is now free for private users. More hightlights of this wonderful program are harddisk recording, WinAmp skin support, equalizer and a lot of more things. The player is ideal if you want to listen to some tunes in the AMI Sector One music section.
    That is all for today. Probably I will update the site again before New Year. Finally I would like to thank all AMI Sector One visitors for their continuing support. Merry Christmas to all of you.

    Amiga Forever 4.0 - Now available - 30 November, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    Today I received the following press release from Cloanto:

    Cloanto is proud to announce the release of the fourth version of the award-winning all-in-one emulation and connectivity solution officially licensed by the Amiga companies. Amiga Forever 4.0 is an amazing package designed to deliver continued support and compatibility to millions of the most creative and enthusiastic computer users ever. The package is available now in standard and upgrade versions, both downloadable and on CD-ROM.

    New features of Amiga Forever 4.0 include:

    • GlowIcons look (as used in Amiga OS 3.5/3.9, but also compatible with NewIcons and MagicWB)

    • Option to switch entire environment from "new look" (GlowIcons) to "old look" (Classic) and vice versa

    • Amiga Explorer 4.0 (includes revolutionary self-install over serial cable, no more terminal software or PC filing system required on Amiga side)

    • Directory Opus 5.5 (courtesy of GPSoftware)

    • Personal Paint 7.1b

    • Support for ADZ and DMS disk image files

    • Print spooler (easily print all Amiga documents under Windows, bypassing parallel port emulation)

    If you ask me I tell you that this is a must buy. I am going to obtain it soon.

    Screengrabs information - 28 November, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    A very generous contributor called Guy has just sent me screenshots for all LSD Docs disks. I am very pleased that somebody has helped out in this case and my greetings go to Guy for his help.
    All LSD Docs disks will be added within 2 weeks. There will also be a special LSD Docs Disks search engine. See you all at the coming weekend!

    Ebay, HD games and Docs disks - 19 November, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    At the moment I am selling the following new (!) Amiga games on Ebay: James Pond 2 - Robocod CD32, Morph CD32, Turrican 1 CDTV and Logical CDTV. Click here to view the auctions. Scans of the boxes are of course provided.
    Here on AMI Sector One there are some new Amiga HD games: Guldkorn Expressen, Dynamite Dux, Predator, Ports of Call. These games are especially useful for people using real Amigas.
    Besides I have added the Loons Docs Disks 1-11. These disks are similar to the famous LSD Docs disks: There are a lot of cheats, passwords, game solutions, maps and more on these disks. If you know any Loons Docs Disks with numbers greater than 11 please contact me. I am also planning to add the complete LSD Docs series. Most of the disks are already on the server but screenshots for the pages have not yet been createt. If there is somebody out there interested in helping to create screenshots (320x200 pixels; gif-format) contact me. Any help is very welcome.

    Welcome a new staff member - 11 November, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    Today I would like to introduce Marc 'Zito' Oberst as a new staff member of the AMI Sector One crew. Marc is member of the established demo group "Darkage" and this is the most important reason why he will be mainly responsible for the demo section. He is also involved in a scene compendium called Scen'o'Ride. It is planned to create a special page for this project. Recently Marc has also created some great ASCII logos for AMI Sector One which you will find in all further zip archives of this site. If you want to contact Zito you can use the e-mail address which can be found in the contact section.
    And: There are still needed more staff members: If you feel you could contribute something to this site please get in contact with me (Bernd). I am also looking for a person interested in ripping screenshots of games, demos and other disks.
    Besides I have also added some new coverscans and adverts of mainly rare games: Crown, Malta Storm, Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, Terramex, Town with no Name and Vixen. You see that AMI Sector One is the only resource for these rarities.

    More great news... - 02 November, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    This time I would like to announce that Ed Mackey has allowed us to upload the registered version of his game Megaball 4. Every Amiga user should know this game because it was one of the most successful shareware games on the Amiga.
    I am also glad that Pete Lyon granted us permission to upload here the Microdeal computer games he was involved in. Pete Lyon had a leading position as gfx artist at Microdeal. Now he is working as a freelance and also maintains a homepage where you can find out more about his work. The first game with his artwork you can download is the great beat 'em up Karate Kid 2.
    Some other new games were adapted from various coverdisks. The titles are Aquanaut and Death Angel. Both games are good shoot 'em up's. Another new game is the WHDLoad version of Globulus.
    I have also added about 20 game soundtracks in different formats. Check the new additions in the Game music section.
    After a long time there is also a new addition in the applications and tools section: It's Amiga Football - The Game which is a two disk compendium about the popular sports.
    Expect a major update to the search engines soon.

    Buy and sell - 17 October, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    This is not a real update, but there are some issues that could be of interest for AMI Sector One visitors:
    1. I have two original and boxed Amiga games called "Embryo" from Black Legend which I would like to sell. Every copy contains the rare update disk from the manufacturer. A screenshot of the box is here. The price for the game is 15,00 DM, 8,00 US dollar or 5,00 UK pounds. If you are interested get in contact with me. (24 October: games are now sold!)
    2. Besides I am looking for a complete Amiga CDTV system in mint or good condition. If you have one to sell (preferably also with some CD's) get in contact with me.
    3. I am also looking for original games for my old Amiga CD32 which I do not yet own. Simply send me your lists. Finally I am interested in the Amiga floppy games which are stated in my request list.

    Two new features plus more - 09 October, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    Welcome to another update of AMI Sector One. Today there is something of interest for both emulator fans and Amiga users. But first of all let us begin with the new features written by Bernd:
    Microdeal - A resume: This article is about the hard- and software company Microdeal which disappeared in 199?.
    Amiga Games vs. Amiga Joker: Here I compare two issues of these popular Amiga games related magazines.
    The update continues with the new games Tanglewood (thanks to the author Ian Murray-Watson who allowed us to upload it), Tie-Break (thanks to the author Andreas Seebeck), Wrath of Gwendor and the request Wizzy's Quest (English version). Besides the ADF of Wikinger 2 has been fixed (thanks to Hubert Maier jr. for repairing it).
    Users of real Amiga computers will hopefully appreciate the following HD versions which have been added today: F/A 18 Interceptor HD, Lethal Xcess HD, Sword of Sodan HD. Most of these HD versions require an installed version of WHDLoad.
    There are also some new scans of Amiga games:
    Advanced Destroyer Simulation, Cosmo Ranger, Outrun, Peter Beardsley's Internat. Football, Pyramax, Quartz, Raider, Renaissance, Revelation, S.E.U.C.K., Space Gun, Speed Ball, Tie-Break, Titan, Treasure Trap, Triango, Turrican, UN Squadron, Way of the little Dragon, XCopy. Thanks to the contributors Peter and Raffaele.
    I have also added some new tunes of games: View the new additions by clicking here.
    Finally I have also added information to another 280 Amiga games. You can access the information by clicking here.
    I hope you enjoyed today's small update. AMI Sector One will soon be back with some great news.

    New permissions, new emulators etc. - 17 September, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    First of all thanks to all visitors who have sent me feedback in the last weeks. It seems that nearly everybody is pleased with the new "AMI Sector One". Now I am sure that it was worth the work.
    Again I have added exactly 179 new games with credits (where available) to the game database. I have also fixed some minor entries in the database. Please note that you can now also access the search engine directly from this newspage. You can find it at the top of the right column.
    Now let us continue with the games: Two more companies have granted us the permission to have their Amiga games online: These are Talking Birds (they are known for great football games) and Polarware (the company is now more or less inactive). Some games of these companies which I have added are Der Trainer (one of the best football management games for the Amiga) and Oo Topos (it is an early Amiga adventure which was already coded in 1986). Also Adisak Pochanyon has allowed us to upload his commercial game Thromulus. Adisak is now working for the game developer High Voltage. More new games are the RPG Dungeon Krampfer (very funny:-), High Reflection (a fantastic puzzle with editor), Legion (fantastic strategy game from Poland), Napoleonic Wargame System (pure strategy!) and Weird in Edgeways (solve circuit problems).
    I have also created parts of the music section: You can now visit the players section as well as the composers- and game music section. Here you can find some game soundtracks which have been ripped by the Amiga music expert Nomaios who has been supporting ASO for a long time. Thanks to him!
    I have also updated the scans section: To nearly every letter new scans have been added. I received most of the scans from Peter Levan of Emerald Mine Online. Some other scans were contributed by Raffaele. Thanks guys! Here is a list of most of the new additions: Anarchy, Atomix, Batman, Batman - The Caped Crusader, Boston Bomb Club, Clik Clak, Clock Wiser, Cloud Kingdoms, Crazy Cars 2, Cubit, Cybercon 3, Demolition, Dragon Tiles - The Tournament, Final Conflict, Flimbo's Quest, Frenetic, Games - Summer, Ishido, James Pond, James Pond 2, Jug, Logical, Menace (alternative), Microprose Soccer, Mindbender, Nevermind, New Zealand Story, Plotting, Slipstream, Spindizzy Worlds, Supaplex, Warp, Zarathrusta.
    Finally also a new version of WinUAE has been released: It is 0.8.14 R3. There are many new features in this version like increased compatibility. Please visit the WinUAE homepage for further information. You can download there the new emulator.
    Watch out for further news soon.

    Tons of new scans - 24 August, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    Over the past few months I have collected many Amiga related scans. Here they are:

    I have scanned the following things: Chronicles of Omega box, Emerald Mine 3 Prof. box, Betrayal advert, Chip's Challenge advert, Hired Guns box, Hopp oder Top box, Mega lo Mania box, Victory box.

    has sent me: Centurion advert, Chuck Yeager's ATF 2 box, Captain Blood advert, Sim Ant advert, Sim City advert, Sim Earth advert.

    has sent me the covers of the following games (all are US versions): Arkanoid, Bureaucracy, Datastorm, Hybris, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Sword of Sodan, Ultima 4, Zork Zero.

    Hans has sent me scans for: Hexuma, Soul Crystal, Spirit of Adventure, Vision, Whales Voyage 1, Whales Voyage 2.

    Bruno has sent me box scans for: Rodeo Games, WWF European Rampage, Xenon 2.

    A big thanks goes to all the contributors. If you also would like to send me some scans I would be pleased if you could please contact me. Every contribution is welcome:-)

    AMI Sector One is back - 20 August, 2000 - posted by Bernd

    After a long break we are finally back with an update. Of course we have not been inactive and AMI Sector One has got lots of new features:
    The first thing you will realize is probably the completely new layout. Before it has been created we have read dozens of mails from our visitors and listened to their wishes. For example lots of users requested bigger screenshots for the games or a better navigation. These requests and other improvements have been integrated in the new layout. Simply browse through the pages and you will realize the changes.
    Some of the sections like "Music" or "Links" are currently quite empty. These sections will be uploaded later since they are still under construction.
    The section A-Compendiums is a totally new highlight: Currently it provides an index with about 1400 Amiga games including credits for programmers, gfx artists and music/sfx composers. Additional information like publisher/developer, number of disks, release year, compatibility information for the emulators are of course also provided. If you want to see the games which have been added recently to the A-Compendiums database you should click here. Please note that it is still a beta version. When the whole A-Comepndiums will be ready it will contain my entire Amiga collection including more than 5000 games and 1500 applications.
    Now let us go to the binary additions:
    In the nearly three months in which AMI Sector One has not been updated for the public we gained lots of new permissions from companies and individuals. Here are some of them: For example the Norwegian company UDS permitted us to upload their flipper game Obsession Pinball. This great piece of software can now be downloaded. We have also made a deal with the British software developer and publisher Vulcan: About every month or so one new game of their Amiga games series will appear here. It all starts with the fabulous adventure Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity. This is of course not yet all. We will announce further permissions soon. Several times I was also asked to upload Doom: The Amiga port of the famous Id Software shooter is now also online. It runs with WinUAE 0.8.8 but of course it is a bit slow. I have also added the shooter Serene 2 which has been created by S.E.U.C.K. master Andrew Fereday. Other new games are Airport (you are an air-traffic controller of a big airport), Turbo Raketti (one of the best gravity games for the Amiga) and Skate Tribe (a fast skateboard simulation).
    Today there are not yet any demos or music files because these sections are still not yet ready. Watch out for further updates soon.

    Jim Drew interviewed - 15 June, 2000 - posted by Jan

    I know that this story a bit of topic but you have to read it: Jim Drew (author of the well known Mac emulator Fusion) blamed Christian Bauer (author of the Mac emulators Shapeshifter and Basilisk) being a thief:
    sardaukar_siet: You don't want to discuss it ?
    Jim Drew: Sure... Christian Bauer is a thief...
    ClockWise: Can you elaborate a bit?
    Jim Drew: When we were making Emplant updates, ShapeShifter appeared. Joe and I disassembled it and found about 60% AMAX II code, 30% our code, and 10% Apple's code.
    Read the rest of the interview ...

    Amiga Inc. is to sue Rainer Benda - 01 May, 2000 - posted by Jan

    Rainer Benda - well known sysop of the official Commodore support mail box in Germany - received a warning by Amiga Inc.: he should delete all Amiga OS related files from his homepage. Rainer offers a lot of Kickstart files and workbench sets on his site to download. He stated that this files where for support issues only. This is logical to me ... just think of the case that you loose your WB disks or their get damaged in any way ... on the other hand we have the piracy issue. The hole story was started by Cloanto who are selling the incredible Amiga Forever package including Workbench and Kickstart files.
    But Rainer's site has something other extremely interesting to offer: his review of three years working at Commodore and Amiga Inc. It's called "the fall of C= from my point of view". You'll we wondering about the secrets he's telling to public ... unfortunately the report is in German only. I'll hope to post an English translation soon because every Amiga fan should be able to read this ..

    New layout up - 22.04.00 - posted by Jan

    The new site layout has gone online a few minutes ago. I hope you'll like it ... better said ... I hope it meets with your approval ;-)
    Please take part of our poll which is questioning "Do you like our new site layout?" the next 14 days. This allows us to get an impression if I did a good job or not. We're trying to integrate more feature into the site like a game of the month, special reports and an extensive review of every working Amiga emulator ever made.
    Any concerns? Ideas? Any useful comments? Did we forget anything? What would you add? What should be discussed in more detail? Send us your opinion. The more input we get from you the more we're able to improve this site.

    Two new games added (again ...) - 19.04.00 - posted by Jan

    I've upped Sim City 2000 AGA and A-Train (both from Maxis) today.
    Sim City 2000 was the long awaited sequel of Sim City (we already have in our collection) which was never expected to be released for the Amiga. But finally our dreams came true ... and here it is ;-)
    A-Train wasn't really successful in Europe but nearly every Japanese knows this game. It's something like Railroad Tycoon in present time.

    New layout is coming soon - 18.04.00 - posted by Jan

    The new layout will be up in a few months ... please don't expect too much.
    The main objective was to create a new site in 800x600 format which should be faster and easier accessible. I noticed some problems using Netscape Navigator 6 Preview 1 as well as Opera 4.0 beta 3 :-(
    Trust none ...

    Two new games added ;-) - 16.04.00 - posted by Bernd

    You can now download Tower of Souls (AGA; 5 ADF's) from "Black Legend" which was one of the Amiga games highlights in 1995. At the start of the game you can create a character. Then you begin your journey through a fantastic fantasy land.
    Also new in our game collection is Lethal Formula. This is an exciting adventure in which you have to try to find a lost formula. Once again I want to stress that a "5" in a game rating does not mean a bad result. "5" stands for the best mark; a "1" is the worst mark.

    Richard M. Holmes grants permission & new games (again) - 15.04.00 - posted by Bernd

    Richard M. Holmes used to be owner of the no longer existing Amiga company "Black Legend". Now he is running IncaGold - a company involved in PC CD-Rom Games, publishing and online games. When you visit the pages of IncaGold you will realize that already lots of companies are publishing their games via IncaGold. IncaGold is currently looking for further development staff. So if you are a PC games developer team please get in contact with IncaGold. All terms are of course lucrative. In the future I will here report more about the actions of IncaGold. But now back to the Amiga: Mr. Holmes' permission is valid for the "Black Legend" Amiga titles. I really want to thank Mr. Holmes a lot for granting this permission. In the next days I will upload the first Black Legend game. So please check my news.
    But today there are also of course some other new games: Blue Max is a historical and realistic flight simulation from Artech Studios. You can select between various airplanes and missions. The graphics of the game is very good.
    Also new are the Public Domain games Furmyre (a good shoot 'em up with reasonable gfx and sound) as well as Gyves (believe it or not - this is in my opinion the best Amiga tetris clone. It easily strikes commercial games).
    Kingsoft's (they left us recently - sad news) classic action game Tankbuster completes today's update.

    New games ... new demos ... new covers scans ... - 09.04.00 - posted by Bernd

    As already stressed yesterday I am today updating Amiga Sector One: The first game from Artech Studios available is Das Boot. In this game you command a submarine and have to fulfill various missions. The 3D graphic in the game is very advanced. Another submarine simulation which has been available here on Amiga Sector One for months is btw. 688 Attack Sub from Electronic Arts.
    Some other new games are the hardcore RPG Omega and Bop 'N Plop from FEZ Productions.
    Also new is Diplomacy 2 which is based on the Avalon Hill board game.

    Artech Studios grants permission - 08.04.00 - posted by Bernd

    Today is a great day since Artech Studios have permitted me to upload their games which they developed for the Amiga. Artech Studios is a Canadian software developer and they began to code games already back in the very early 80's. Later in the 90's they also coded some great Amiga titles. A well known programmer who worked at Artech Studios is by the way Steve Tibbett - coder of VirusX and PortalX! I will upload here the first Artech Studios game tomorrow. So far only the permissions section has been updated.

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