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In this section we provide a large selection of cover scans and advert scans of games, applications, companies and more. All of them are in any way related to the Amiga computer. In this section contributors are very important. So if you want to send us material we would be pleased if you could please contact us.

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Savage Cover | Thumb
Seahaven Towers
Shoot-em-up Construction Kit
Die Siedler
Silkworm Advert | Thumb
Sim Ant Front Cover | Thumb Advert | Thumb
Sim City 1.2 Front Cover | Thumb
Back Cover | Thumb
Sim City Deluxe Front Cover | Thumb
Back Cover | Thumb
Sinbad and the Throne of Falcon
Skateball Advert | Thumb
Skweek Front Cover | Thumb
Back Cover | Thumb
Sleepwalker Front Cover | Thumb  
Slip Stream
Solitaire's Journey
Soul Crystal
Space Gun
Spaceward Ho!
Spindizzy Worlds
Spirit of Adventure
Spirit of Excalibur Front Cover | Thumb  
Super Grid Runner


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Dungeon Quest
Quiksilver Pinball
Fire & Ice
Jetstrike Jr.
Der Trainer

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