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In this section we provide a large selection of cover scans and advert scans of games, applications, companies and more. All of them are in any way related to the Amiga computer. In this section contributors are very important. So if you want to send us material we would be pleased if you could please contact us.

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Magicland Dizzy Front Cover | Thumb
Back Cover | Thumb
Malta Storm Front Cover | Thumb
Maniax Front Cover | Thumb  
Mega-lo-mania Front Cover | Thumb
Back Cover | Thumb
Mega Pheonix Front Cover | Thumb
Back Cover | Thumb
MegaTraveller 1   Advert | Thumb
Menace Cover | Thumb
Front Cover (alt) | Thumb
MicroProse Soccer   Advert | Thumb
Midwinter 2 - Flames of Freedom Front Cover | Thumb  
Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge
Mortal Weapon Front Cover | Thumb  
Mouse Trap Front Cover | Thumb
Back Cover | Thumb
The Munsters


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