2000 AD (c64)

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2000 AD

DEN> Apollon (87-10/88), Blitz (gfx, 87-10/88), Chrome (sysop 'AEROSOL ART',
     01-02/93), Comic (Dan Rasmussen, 10/88), Droid (87-10/88), Krush (code,
     10/88), Wizz (code, 10/88).
???> Codex (10/88), Liteace (10/88), Manimal (10/88), Softtech (crack, 87-

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 10/88) -

DEN> Network Tek (87), Scorpio (Thomas Villadsen, code).
???> Jolly (87), Warp.

2000 AD were a cracker and demo group based in Denmark, active at least
from 1987 to 1989. Other demos or productions released by the group, where
we do not know anything except the title, include: "Aceplotter", "Chilli
The Most!", "Close To Finish", "Demo of Doom!", "I'm Ruling", "Magic Line"
(cooperation with Soft Zone), "Mip Mip Police" (cooperation with System and
The Supply Team), "Practical Joke!", "Skulls Rules", "Slim", "Underlight!",
"Whitney Demo" (cooperation with The Supply Team) and "Why Not Mosh!"
  1988 - The demo "Party" was released at the Hexagon Party in october, and
announced Frenzy, Savage and Laxity had left the group for Starion.
  1989 - Drake left to rejoin Contex around september.

  Short But Urgent (198x, 25.06, Demo).

  Back To Burn (1988, 02.05, Demo).

  D V Jek Ik Enu (1988, 25.04, Demo).

  Twisting '88 (1988, Demo).

  X-Zorcisms! (1988, Demo).

  Plastic Rulez (1988, 07.04, Demo).
  Cooperation with System.

  Twisting #3 (1988, 01.10, Demo).

  Party (1988, 22.10, Demo).
  code: Krush, gfx: Blitz (logo), music: see review.
  Released for the Hexagon Copy Party demo competition.
  review: As they say themselves; it ain't much ;) This three-screener is
  pretty limited, and was likely just released to release SOMETHING at the
  party. Let's quickly walk you through the parts; part one has a dot-scroll
  (likely faked, just a font with dots), and a few sprites over two static
  raster bars. The second part is a little better; an ok logo by Blitz
  resides at the top of the screen, and the main focus is a scrollstretcher
  below. We've seen it before, and it's not executed with any particular
  finesse here. The final part is a particular anticlimax; a large scroll
  over the background (the stretcher effect recycled?), with the word
  PARTY!?! overlaid with sprites, in an especially uninspiring sinus
    The only musical credits is given for part 2, which is one of Matt
  Gray's tunes from the game "The Last Ninja II". Likely all pieces of music
  were ripped from games. The demo is a single 70 block file, containing 3
  demoparts. [glenn]

  Discomic (1989, 24.05, Demo).