20th Century Composers

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20th Century Composers (20CC)

HOL> Edwin Van Santen (code music, aka EVS, 88-11/94), Falco Paul (code
     music, 89-93).

20CC was a wellknown music group, who did music for both games and demos.
EVS invented the world's fastest music routine, which took only four raster
lines, and released it with a version of his own intro music for an
exclusive crack intro he made for the group Enigma. Falco Paul coded
another, normal replayer. Thanks to EVS for information! :)
  1989 - The group became a subgroup for Amok late this year, but it didn't
last long and by december they were on their own again.
  1990 - Some news stated that Beatmachine had joined early this year, but
this is incorrect.