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64ever (1997-)

64ever presents themselves as a 'label', not a group. They were formed in
1997 by Lax and Raven, and the label was first applied to WOW's X 98 demo
"Halfbaked". The second production bearing the label was the intro
"64ever-4k" at Mekka Symposium 2000. Their third and most ambitious
production so far was the demo "Insomnia", 2nd in the X 2001 demo
competition. Their current 'member list' includes Raven, Vip, Reaper and

  Insomnia (2001, .11, Demo).
  code: Raven, Reaper, gfx: Vip, music: Vip, Jeff.
  2nd if the X 2001 demo competition.
  review: This demo took a long time getting from the X 2001 compo to the
  public; it was finally released on the 4th of november 2002. But was it
  worth the wait for the rest of the world to see this demo? In my opinion,
  a definite YES. Compared to the winning demo, Resource's "Soiled Legacy"
  this is clearly the lesser demo of the two, but that's a long way from
  saying it doesn't cut it. Huge amounts of art in Vip's characteristic cute
  style, plus some pretty solid coding from Raven and Reaper, adds up to a
  real enjoyable show. The music works fine, but there are no tunes here
  that 'set me on fire', so to speak. It's a question of personal taste, I
  guess, you can't really debate good music. :)
    The demo is accompanied by a rather elaborate notefile (more like a
  mini-diskmag), detailing everything from the history of the group to
  troubleshooting tips for the demo. [glenn]