A Touch of Class (old)

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A Touch of Class [old] (ATC, -1989)

USA> Asterix (08/88), Bluebeard (01/88), Brute Force (01/88), Cheap Shot
     (01-08/88), Judas (01/88), Kid Commodore (08/88), Madman (08/88), Major
     Theft (01-08/88), Pudwerx (code crack fixer, later Avantgarde,
     01-08/88), Storekeeper (05/88), Wolverine (01/88).

Boards; 22 ACACIA AVE. (usa, 01-08/88), THE LIGHTHOUSE (usa, 01-08/88), THE
     ALTERNATE FACTOR (usa, 08/88), JERSEY HOTLINE (usa, 01/88), CLUB DED
     (usa, 05/88), THE WAREHOUSE EXPERIENCE (usa, 05/88).

ATC were something as rare as an actual American cracking group! There
weren't a lot of those; just Eaglesoft of any importance; most were doing
imports in America. The group died in august of 1989.