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Abnormal (ANM, 1988-1989)

NOR> Buzz (Stig S. Bakken, code gfx swap, 02-03/89), FIG, Hot Dog (swap),
     Power (Geir Ove Reitan, code swap, 02-03/89), Snowbear, Stone (05/89),
     The Bright Lion (code, aka TBL, ex Sphinx, 02-03/89), Zeb (Sebastian
     Hongrø, 02-03/89), Zuggly.
???> Tim (music, 88), TLW (06/89).

Abnormal are a Norwegian demo and cracking group, born on the 16th of june
1988 when the two groups The Hidden Forces (THF) (Rocky, Hot Dog, Power, ZTH
etc) and Laser Cracking Service Norway (LCS) (Hero etc) merged. Their first
demo was "Snubnosed" [07/88], and there was also an amiga section. Thanks to
http://norway.c64scene.org for some of the real names and demo information,
and to Zeb for some information.
  1989 - Danish coder Trap'88 (02/89-) joined The Ruling Company sometime
after march this year, losing the '88 from his handle at the same time.
The group coorganized the IT, Razor 1911, Abnormal, Hoaxers, Network
Gigaparty in june. Norwegian crackers Rocky, Fist and Hero (all 88-) were
persuaded to join Illusion in september, and with three of its crackers
gone, Abnormal died. Zero The Hero (code, aka ZTH, 02/89-) joined AMOK, then
later Panoramic Design, where also Zeb was later a member.

  Snubnosed (1988, 10.07, demo).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: Tim. Released at the Ikari Party.
  info: Their first demo!

  Amusing Part IV (demo).
  Made in cooperation with Actual Cracking Crew (ACC).

  Freaks In Space (1988, demo).

  Lazy Pigs (1988, demo).

  Merciless (1988, demo).

  Plague (1988, demo).

  Seeker 3 (1988, demo).

  Seeker 4 (1988, demo).

  Seeker 5 (1988, demo).

  Seeker 6 (1988, demo).

  Sick (1988, demo).

  Thrill Seeker (1988, demo).

  Trap Crap (1988, demo).
  info: I think it's safe to assume that this one is the work of Trap'88?

  Z-Circle & Abnormal (1988, demo).

  Zealous (1988, demo).

  Hawkeye, The Rip (1988, 29.08, intro).
  review: A classic musicrip :) After a couple of brief introdocutory text
  screens (which you progress through by pressing the fire button of the
  joystick in port 1), you are launched into the main part - the loader
  picture from the game "Hawk Eye" by Thalamus, with full possibilities to
  mix the music. This feature was apparently also present in the game. The
  rip itself was done by Fist (on the 24th, 4 days prior to release), with
  (presumably) additional coding by Hero. The entire package is one single
  62 block file.
    The original graphics for the game were drawn by Jaco van T. Riet and
  Arthur van Jole. The music is by Jeroen Tel. [glenn]

  Indicator (1988, 08.10, demo).
  3rd in the Razor 1911, The Cartel and Abnormal demo competition.

  Bad Loosers (1989, demo).

  Cooool (1989, demo).

  Indicator (1989, demo).

  Intro Collection (1989, demo).

  Kinky (1989, demo).

  No Style (1989, demo).

  Waterproof (1989, demo).

  Welcome TBL (1989, demo).

  Seeker 7 (1989, demo).

  Seeker 8 (1989, 27.02, demo).
  Released for the demo competition at the Rawhead, Bros and Suppliers
  party. Also known as "Party-Seeker".

  The Unicorn (1989, 27.02, demo).
  code: Rocky, Buzz, ZTH, The Fist, gfx: Buzz (main), Power (chars), ZTH
  (chars), Tox/Dexion (chars), music: FIG, Johannes Bjerregaard/independent.
  Released for the Rawhead, Bros and Suppliers party demo competition.
  review: The Unicorn is a fair demo, with one part that stand a little out
  from the norm. That is the second part, with the multicolored chessboard
  travelling at you at high speed, and the slightly 'laidback' vertical
  scroll on top of it, was quite nice and original. Coding is fair, but
  nothing outstanding here, and graphics are also ok. Overall, this is a
  nice demo, if nothing exceptional.
    There is no exclusive music, and the music credits above are for the
  last two parts; In the first two no credit was given. The demo is a single
  file, containing 4 demopoarts. [glenn]

  The Unicorn II (1989, demo).

  Illegal (1989, 25.03, demo).
  code: Trap'88, Rocky, Power, ZTH, gfx: Power, Trap, Redstar/? (chars),
  Moonray/Rawhead (sprites), Blitz/2000 AD (logos), Unitrax/Oneway (logos),
  music: Cheyens (x2), Zagor/Horizon (exclusive!), JCH/Vibrants (x2), Rock/
  Finnish Gold, 711/?, Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise, "Hunter's Moon" by Matt
  Gray, Johannes Bjerregaard/Upfront, "Fire Eagle Intro" by Soedesoft.
  Released for the demo competition at the Ikari and Zargon party.
  review: With a massive 14 parts, it's sort of a given that they're not all
  gonna be outstanding. Having said that, there are a few innovative parts
  worth noticing here. The first one that stands out is the second one, with
  its original and goodlooking take on the dots syndrome! Very colorful and
  nice. Other parts that stand out are the presumed record-breaking 55
  multiplex sprites (earlier held by Horizon with 52) and the picture
  stretcher on the x-axis - suitably dubbed the x-stretcher. Also the very
  last part looked nice, with lots of moving rasters. Trap coded most parts,
  with the other three throwing in a few. They seem to have no graphicians
  or musicians of their own, though some friends in other groups seem to
  have helped out with some of the graphics. Overall, this is quite an
  acceptable demo, with some highlights and (as usual) lots of filler parts.

  Party Report (1989, 25.06, intro).
  code: ZTH, gfx: none, music: n/a.
  review: Well, this is just a text plotter, nothing more, announcing the
  results of the demo competition at the party they arranged with Hoaxers,
  Razor, Network and It in Trondheim, Norway. No credits are given for the
  music, so I can only assume it's ripped. The charset is the standard
  commodore one, only raster-ed in some. So in effect, this is a no-
  production, included here only for the sake of completeness. [glenn]

  Lame'n Lousy (1990, demo).