Abyss (c64)

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USA> Changeling (code, 12/87-02/88), Doppleganger (crack, 01-02/88),
     Jimmy Z (sysop ABYSS HQ, 88), Longshot (import, 01-02/88), Raster
     Blaster (code, new 01-02/88), The Last Dragon (code import, 88), The
     Sorcerer (import, 88), Whiplash (01-02/88).

Boards; THE CONCENTRATION CAMP (usa, 01/88).

Abyss was an usa-based demo and cracking group.
  1989 - Toad and Mr.Stack (both ex Galaxy) left for Paramount in december,
after a brief stay.

  Hardcore (1988, 05.01, File).
  code: Changeling, gfx: see review, music: see review.
  review: What we have here is a six-part demo, entirely done by The
  Changeling. The graphics and music are all ripped, from games like IK+,
  Test Drive, Project: Stealth Fighter, Commando and Rampart. As you might
  expect, this doesn't offer a lot in terms of variation or fabulous
  graphics, but comes across as an early, fair demo. No frills, though.
  Raster Blaster was welcomed as a member in a part dated 04.01-88.

  Hardrock (1988, File, 3 parts).
  code: Raster Blaster, gfx: uncredited, ripped, music: ripped.
  review: Though technically a demo, Abyss still persist in calling this a
  'music selector' due to the high amount of ripped music; none of which is
  credited. Design is nothing special, just average, and so is the code.