Accuracy (c64)

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Accuracy (ACY)

TUR> Axl (Murat Oktay, music), Falcon (Ali Fuat, swap, early91), Kadem
     (Kadem Aslan, code), Mr.DJ (Ufuk Metin, code), Sharp (Ozden Irmak,
     swap, 09/95).
SWE> Royal (gfx, 09/91), Snarl (sysop 'SKYLAB', 01-02/93).
GER> Lash (swap, 03/92).
AUT> Frib (gfx).
???> Stingray (tur? code), The Joker.

Accuracy was an international demo group. There was also an Amiga group
with the same name, which also had Turkish members - any connection?
DJ released a series of tool disks for the group.
  1990 - Belgian swapper MMC (aka Mr. Merlin Cool) left for Giants in
  1991 - The entire Turkish section of Dualis joined early in the year, and
brought the magazine "Garfield News", which was later renamed "Splash".