Action (c64)

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Action (1989-1991)

GER> Gadget (crack gfx swap, 03/89-01/91), Spitfire (org crack, 11/90-

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 01/91) -

???> DP (ex Aidon, new ca 09/89), TMM (crack, new 09/90).

Boards; CHANNEL ZERO (usa, also Empire, 11/90-08/91), SHANGRALI (also in
     Victims, 06/91).

Action was a German demo and cracking group, born in 1989 and run by their
main cracker Spitfire. German musician A-Man (01-06/91) joined Arcade.
  1989 - German Cyco (code gfx) was kicked around september, and DP/ex Aidon
joined around the same time. TWP was kicked in december, and subsequently
joined Nato.
  1990 - German swapper Macryf was busted late january for post faking, and
subsequently left the scene to avoid further trouble. German coder and
cracker Jihad joined from Vision late january, after being pursuaded by
Spitfire to join. German graphician and swapper Marcus joined from Alpha
Flight around february, and changed his handle to Accu. Jihad left again
around may, now after disagreements with the same Spitfire. Jihad built his
own group, called Hitmen. Accu left in july, changed his handle to Public
Enemy and joined Flash Inc. Cracker TMM joined around september.
  1991 - The group was in importing and fixing partnership with NEI in
january. German Xox changed his handle back to Airwolf and left for
Paramount in january - which must be wrong, since Airwolf was definitely a
member in june!?. At least in june, the group was in importing partnership
with Empire. Oxyron's "Pravda #9" [12/91] reported that the group was now
dead. German crackers Crisp (90-06/91) and Hok (01-06/91) disappeared from
the scene, but reappeared in august 93 as members of RSI!