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Active ([A],

SWE> Injun Inc. (11/92), Riddler (Erik Lehto, crack train supply swap, ex
     Acrise, new early93-01/95), Stash (supply, ex Epic, new 05/93), Surfer
     (crack swap, 91-06/93), Thrasher (code crack train, new 12/91-11/92),
     Trident (Adam Dunkels, music, 08/97), Violator (supply).
HUN> Artlace (code music, also in Lethargy, new 09/93-08/97).
???> Defcon (11/92), Dexter (11/92), Doctor X (11/92), Viper (crack train,

Active are a Swedish cracker and demo group.
  1993 - Swedes Stash (supply, ex Epic) and Walker (ex Light) both joined in
may, but Walker quickly moved on to Genesis Project instead.

  Better Late Than Never (1997, 22.08, Filedemo).
  code/gfx: Artlace, music: Trident, ???/X-Rated.
  3rd in the AntiQ 97 demo competition.
  review: This is an ok little dentro from the swedes in Active, just a
  shame there's not more of it. It's primarily there to show off a rather
  impressive, though small, vector routine. The main part of the dentro has
  nice, minimalist design with a small Active logo in the bottom right
  corner, and a black 'window' of sorts in the top middle, in which all the
  vector stuff is shown. The routine does all the usual stuff, as well as an
  interesting extra: It can do glenz vectors too! I've never seen those on a
  c64 before... The music for the main part is also worth a mention. [glenn]