Actual Cracking Entertainment

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Actual Cracking Entertainment (ACE)

GER> Coco Industries (mainorg crack, ex Hotline, 09/87-03/88), Falcon,
     American Fighter.
NOR> Firkin (crack, 02-03/88), Gene (02-03/88), Smash (03/88).
???> Dr.Strange (aka DRS, 02-03/88), Soft Tiger Crew (03/88), Han Solo (new
     02/88), Zero-Cat (02-03/88).

Actual Cracking Entertainemnt (ACE) was a cracking group, formed around
september of 1987 by Coco Industries from Hotline. The group had two strong
sections; in Germany and in Norway. Soon after its forming, the original
members were joined by previous members of The Magic Circle (MCL). TPI/
Beastie Boys joined too, but left soon after with two of the members from
  1988 - February saw the departure of Silents, as well as the joining of
Han Solo.