Actual Trading Generation

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Actual Trading Generation (ATG)

HOL> Baby-Joe (Willy Voesten, gfx write, aka BBJ, 03/90), Floyd (Yves
     Vrancken, swap, 09-10/90), Jack (swap, 03/90), SPC (Paul Kessel, code
     write, 03/90).
GER> 3DK (editor, ex Orion, old handle Slime, new 02-08/90), Jack Daniels
     (editor, ex Orion, new 02-03/90).


???> Trax (gfx, later The Ruling Company).

Actual Trading Generation was a dutch-based demo group.
  1990 - Jack Daniels and Slime both joined from Orion in february, and
released their diskmag "Corruption #1" [03/90] the following month. The mag
announced a.o. Baby-Joe stopping swapping to concentrate on graphics. Slime
changed his handle to 3DK around august.
  1991 - TTT left, and joined Dominators under his new handle Grizzly Adams.

  Corruption #1 (1990, .03, Diskmag).
  INT - code: SPC, gfx: MSI (char), Trax/The Ruling Company (corruption
        logo), Scrap/Genesis Project (atg logo), music: Maniacs of Noise.
  MAG - code: Einstein, gfx: Baby-Joe, music: "Myth" by Maniacs of Noise,
        editors: Jack Daniels (main), Slime (main), SPC, BBJ.
  review: After a passable but ultimately uninteresting intro, we are
  presented with a magscreen that is a little cluttered imho. Everything
  (including an irritating moving logo) is located on a single screen - the
  article selection tool, the actual reading section and even a small
  graphical display on the left hand side of the screen. Actually, that is a
  pretty nifty idea; there is an animated picture of an alien or something
  on top, and below that is the name of the current article - f.i. Charts.
  I do believe this was the first time this was ever done. Control is by
  joystick only. The entire design is pretty ... blue. :)
    Editorially, the mag is nothing extraordinary at all, but seems well-
  written, and the english is for once not irritatingly bad ;) There is
  nothing extra to read in this first issue, really, you get the normal
  sections that is present everywhere - editorial, news & rumours, charts,
  interview (Charles Deenen/Maniacs of Noise), reports (this time a cruncher
  test and the story about the death of the new Orion), sex story (most
  useless chapter ever, anyone?), wanted (contact addresses) and reactions.
  The release date is a mystery, since no indication is given anywhere in
  the mag itself of anything but the year of release. However, they have
  voted Crest's "Mac Donalds Restaurant" [02/90] as demo of the month, abd
  mention at the very end of the last chapter that 'the next issue will be
  spread in venlo april', so we estimate march.
    News that Beatmachine had joined 20CC was incorrect. We're also unsure
  about the news that 'Gunnar' left Blasters for Fairlight, as we have been
  unable to verify a member with that name in FLT. Oh, and the news about
  Play Power (PP) changing his handle and joining Shape was repeated twice
  :) The mag comes in a total of 9 files, totalling 268 blocks. [glenn]