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Agony Design

POL> Druid (Robert Kan, code, also in Avantgarde, 07/95-01/96), Glut (Partyk
     Dawidziuk, swap, 09/94-09/95), Moog (Sebastian Bachliñski, music, 07-
     09/95), Morris (Pawel Pawlak, code, 06/94-09/95), Sailor (Mirek
     Giecewicz, gfx swap, 07-09/95), Shogoon (Wojciech Radziejewski, music,
     07-09/95), Techno (Wojtek Wrona, swap, also in Fatum, 01/95).
GER> Dr.Kaos (Martin Ritcharsky, swap, 07-09/95), Pat (Patrick Schimpke,
     swap, 07-09/95).
HUN> Trooper (Balazs, swap, also in Atlantis, 11/94-07/95).
???> Astaroth (gfx paperart, aka AST, 07-09/95), Chash (swap, 09/95),
     Comanche (pol? gfx, 07/95-97), Digger (gfx, 07-09/95), Explorer (pol?
     Adam Kazmierski, code, 09/95), Hornet (09/95), Inco (code, new 01-
     09/95), Jetan (gfx, 07-09/95), Owen (gfx, ex Triad, new 09/94-09/95),
     Roder (gfx, also in Reflex, 07-09/95), Skyle (gfx, aka SKL, 07-09/95),
     Sliver (gfx, 07-09/95), Sonor (09/95), Stone (gfx paperart, ex Charged,
     new 01-09/95), Viper (gfx, 07/95).

Agony is a mainly Polish demo group, organised by Druid. The group's
official 'sign' is a square. Druid has coded several utilities, including
"Professional Graphics Shower" V0.4" and "Alternative Cruncher 1.1" and 2.0.
Explorer's dos routines, QDOS, are among the most commonly used on the scene
for loading and saving! Morris made the popular NoteMaker tool "OctaNoter".
  1995 - Druid left his second group Chromance around january, and instead
F4CG took this place in his scene life. Inco (code), Stone/Charged (gfx),
Compod/Charged (music) joined, while Scarlet got kicked - all around
january. August/September saw the recruitment of swapper Chash, while Polish
musician Compod (Roman Majewski) left the group. Druid and Moog both ended
their involvement with music label Amorphis. Druid instead became a
doublemember of Avantgarde, while Roder will do double duty in Reflex from
now on.

  Love (1995, 11.07, Trackmo).
  code: Druid, Inco, KM/Taboo (loader), gfx: Astaroth, Comanche, Jetan,
  Roder, Digger, Skyle, music: Shogoon.
  Winner of the 4x4 Puke party demo competition!
  review: The Polish coders in Agony show us how true design is achieved on
  small platforms... This demo has surely had a lot of attention put into
  its linking of parts - and coming away from it, you remember the links and
  the graphics better than you do the actual effects. This doesn't matter
  tremendously though, as you still come away with a positive feeling. This
  group has a lot going for it, and their graphicians are certainly second
  to none! The mind boggles at what a really technically advanced coder
  could do with these graphicians... Shogoon's music is pretty good (I
  especially favour the 'the end' music), but perhaps not so fitting to a
  production to this, that would have benefitted from more energic tunes.
  A great demo, nonetheless.
    When first starting the demo, you are given the choice of pressing
  either 1 (demo) or 2 (note). The welldesigned note was coded exclusively
  for this demo by Colabor/Vermes with additions by Druid, and featuring
  graphics by Sliver (amazing super hires pic on the left side of the
  screen) and Skyle (fonts). The music is by Shogoon. The demo uses TurboDos
  by KM/Taboo, and occupies two entire disksides, with a nonstandard
  filesystem. We do not know what (if any) party this was released at, but
  there were quite a few parties in Poland this year, and it does seem
  unlikely that such an elaborate demo was not released at a competition.
  Reviews of this demo was presented in a.o. Excess' "Nitro #19" [12/95].

  Gravity 97 Invitation (1997, File).
  code: Inco, gfx: Comanche, music: n/a.
  review: This comes across as a very clean, very professional invitation.
  The left hand side is occupied with a very nice B&W graphic with a Gravity
  97 logo, and the rest is occupied for the text. At the bottom of the
  screen are two icons, up and down, and you move a cropsshair with your
  joystick over one of them, and press fire to scroll the text. The
  proportional font is clean and readable. Very nice. [glenn]