Alpha Flight 1970 (old)

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Alpha Flight 1970 [old] (AFL'70)

GER> Frankie Double Team 2100 (code, aka FDT), Marc (swap crack edit,
     11/89), Tom (edit, 89).
???> B-Man (new 02/90), Christian (crack, ex Manowar, new early91), Cronos
     (ex Warboy/Red Sector Inc., new 11/89), Glenn (ex Madman/Red Sector
     Inc., new 11/89), Headhunter (new 02/90), Martin (crack, ex Manowar,
     new early91), Mike (new 02/90), Scorpio (ex Alpha Flight 1970, new
     08/90), The Gothic Man (code, 12/87), The Sky (ex Alpha Flight 1970,
     new 08/90), TMB (ex Byterapers, new 09/89).

Boards; THE PHANTOM GUILD (usa, new 11/89).

AFL'70 was originally a German demo and cracking group, consisting of
members like later Amiga legends Frankie Double Team (FDT). The Gothic Man
wrote the Alpha Flight crack intro editor.
  1989 - New American board, THE PHANTOM GUILD. TMB joined from Byterapers
around september. Dirk was caught from the police around september, and
about 250 floppies were seized.
  1990 - Marcus left for Action, Ralf was kicked out, while B-Man,
Headhunter and Mike joined, all around february. Powell left the group in
may. Sky'n'Ass and Tom Taylor both left for Paramount, while Scorpio and The
Spy joined from Alpha Flight 1970 around august.
  1991 - Cracker duo Martin and Christian joined from Manowar early this

  Relax #1 (1989, .09?, Diskmag).
  code/gfx/music: n/a, editors: Tom, Marc.
  review: Just a single file and 50 blocks, but this very first edition of
  Relax manages to cram in quite a bit of info anyway. In addition to the
  usual news, rumours and charts, there is also an interview with Ross/
  Sphinx, and little else. They do promise more for the next issue, so let's
  see... The outfit is really basic, and the selection method of the 10
  different articles (most just say 'more next issue!') is mildly
  irritating. The "Relax" logo at the top of the screen with sparkles is ok,
  though. The music is a cover version of "The Look" by Roxette, done by
  SOMEONE in afl (according to text in the memory). There doesn't seem to be
  ANY credits in the mag, apart from the names of the two editors. Oh well,
  perhaps they did it all then :) The logo is signed "Tpa".
    The release date is, as usual :), little more than a guess. It is based
  on information within the mag of an upcoming party in late october 1989.
  They do mention the mag will be released on the third saturday of every
  month. [glenn]