Amnesia (c64)

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Amnesia (AMN, 1990-)

HOL> Calypso (Terry Wntinck, crack gfx swap, ex also in F4CG, Silicon,
     Alpha Flight 1970, 01/93-12/97), Dr. Will (05/93), Light (05/93), Riggs
     (05/93), Seal (05/93), Viking (05/93), Wizvis (05/93).
GER> Bizarre (also in Trance, 12/92-05/93), Firefly (new 02-05/93), Slayer
FIN> Radical (ex Wrath, also in Astral, new 02-05/93).
DEN> O'Neill (music, ex Starion, new 12/90).
???> Artix (ex Success, new 09/93).

Amnesia was formed in december of 1990 by danish musician O'Neill, formerly
from Starion. The group also features other ex-Starion members.
  1992 - Bizarre joined Amnesia as his second group (he is also in Trance)
in december.
  1993 - Calypso changed groups from F4CG to Topaz Beerline in january, all
the while retaining his double membership in Amnesia. Firefly joined from
Vagabonds around february. Radical joined from Wrath around februrary, and
joined Astral as his second group in may. Calypso finished his army service
in may. Artix joined from Success in september.
  1997 - Calypso left his second group Alpha Flight 1970 late in the year.