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Argon (1990-1992)


  • Shortie (coding, grafix, music)
  • Shadowman (swap, ex End of Century, new mid 91)
  • LOM 1301
  • der Chef (coding)
  • Hicks 8520 (grafix, music)
  • OMC (music)
  • shark (grafix)
  • crane (grafix)
  • Agent X
  • Brain
  • Brainbuser
  • Bronx Warrior (ex Pussy, new mid91)
  • Mandrake (ex Wraith, new mid91)
  • Dr.Randy

Group History

Argon was born in the later parts of 1990; their bith was announced in Alpha Flight's diskmag "Cracker Journal #23" [12/90]. The founders were Shortie and Hicks 8520. They found LOM1301, a great swapper, der Chef and raised some intros / demos in the 90´s. As shortie left for military the group imploded. most german guys refounded with members of quarterline and built subzero.

Ribald got kicked, so he joined Pirates around the middle of the year. Nighthawk left the group in june.