Arise (c64)

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POL> Katon (Lukasz Gokbiewski, gfx, also in Lepsi De, 10-11/02), Turbosnail
     (Klaudiusz Sobolewski, swap, 95).
???> Bimber (gfx, 10/02), Fenek (code, 04/03), Sensei (code, 04/03).

Arise is a demo group.

  Deep Blue (Demo).

  Biba 2 (2002, 05.10, Demo).
  code: n/a, gfx: Katon, Bimber, music: n/a.
  Winner of the North Party v7.0!
  info: Reviewed in "Domination #17" and Oxyron's "Attitude #5".
  Katon's winning picture from North Party 7 is included in the demo.