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Aristocracy (ARY, 1994-)

USA> Asmodeus (09/94), Natas (09/94), Cyberad (09/94), Rug Rat (sysop 'EDGE
     OF MIDNIGHT', 09/94).

Aristocracy is an american fixer group born around september 1994. It was
formed on the ashes of the previous group PSi, with two boards from the
start, EDGE OF MIDNIGHT (also supporting Chromance) and FORTRESS OF
DOOM. They are mostly doing fixes for Chromance. The original six members
were Asmodeus, Natas, Styx, Cyberad, Rug Rat and Stablizer (who almost
immediately left).
  1994 - Stablizer left for Demonix around september. Styx left around
december, for Demonix.