Armageddon (c64)

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Armageddon (1992-,

Boards; VIRTUAL REALITY WHQ (usa, also in TRC, new 05/93).

Armageddon is an american importing and fixing group, formed around february
1992 by Deadshot, Moloch, Gerky, Carcass, Zaldron and Technisis (sysop THE
BACKDOOR). Soon after formation though, Deadshot, Gerky and Technisis left
again... and soon after Zaldron left for TSM, leaving the memberstatus at
just two members; Moloch and Carcass.
  1993 - Zarhan left, while VIRTUAL REALITY was recruited as the new WHQ in
may. After kicking their best fixer Massive joined Onslaught in august, the
group seem to be falling apart. Their remaining fixer, TWC, was also kicked
for not living up to expectations, Bambam got kicked, and later Moloch,
Carcass and Faust left.
  1994 - Moloch (code supply) joined F4CG in september.