Array (old)

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Array [old] (1989-1989)

GER> TJ Lazer (swap, 03/89), Zeron (swap, 03/89).

Array was a shortlived german cracking and demo group, born early in the
year by Wolfman and Moonwalker/Tec and the best members of Hellcats. They
died after about half a year of existence. Most members then joined ATG,
Success and other groups. Freddy left to form Thrash.

  Array Is Born (1989, 18.02, File).
  code/gfx: Moonwalker, music: n/a (part 1), 20th Century Composers (20CC).
  review: This is a two-parter, with both parts being equally uninspiring.
  The first part declares the group Tec dead, while the second is just...
  boring :) AFAIK this is the only release Array ever made. [glenn]