Asphyxia (c64)

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Asphyxia (ASX, 1989-)

POL> Anthrax (code gfx, 12/94), Chris (Krzysztof Gubala, code, new 08/92-
     12/94), Extern (music), Grisha (code music), Jane (code gfx music,
     12/94), Kruger (gfx, 12/94), Sudo (gfx, 12/94), Zyphar (gfx, 12/94).

Asphyxia is the oldest active c64 Polish demogroup, born in 1989 after three
groups (Deuter, Slaves Of Keyboard and Cruel Soldiers) fusioned into
Asphyxia. The group has a pet character, Hagar, which can be seen in some of
their demos. They used to have an ftp site at
pub/ASPHYXIA, don't know if it's still there...
  1990 - The first megademo, "Gasping 4 Air", is released.
  1991 - The second megademo, "They Live", is released.
  1992 - Chris joined in august, from Parados Design. The third megademo,
"Nightmare" is released at Asphyxia's own party in Glogow, Poland.
  1993 - Chris is interviewed in Oxyron's "Skyhigh #2" [03/93]. The fourth
megademo, "Grave Story" [12/93], comes 4th in the demo competition at the
Antia and Elysium party.
  1994 - The group's fifth megademo, "From Beyond" [12/94] won the demo
competition at the Elysium party!

  From Beyond (1994, 29.12, Multifile Demo, 2 disksides).
  code: Chris, Jane, Anthrax, gfx: Jane, Anthrax, Kruger, Sudo, Zyphar,
  music: Jane, Extern. Winner of the Elysium Party demo competition!
  review: A very uneven demo from this polish group, but apparently it was
  enough to win a small polish party... It uses an irq loader to load all
  its parts, which range from cool to awful. It opens looking like it's
  gonna rock a lot, with a cool fli 'A' animation spinning on the screen,
  but sadly it doesn't manage to keep this cool opening up. Sometimes it
  presents cool parts, like the vectorcube with different shapes on all
  sides and even some convincing glenz, but the overall quality leaves a
  little to be desired. Graphics is also very uneven, from some downright
  bad work here and there to Jane's two facial portraits who are real works
  of art... Music is overall of acceptable but uneven in quality. [glenn]