Atlantis (group)

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Atlantis (ATL)

SWI> Avalanche (sysop POWERENGINE EHQ, 10/93-09/94), Dr.Science (swap,
     09/94-01/96), Dr.Zoom (Tobias Erbsland, music, 09/94-02/95), Robocop
     (swap, 10/93-01/96).
FIN> Agemixer (Ari Yliaho, music, also in Astral, later Scallop, new
     01/95-96), Mr.Giga (swap, new 09/94-02/95).
POL> Darklord (Marcin Ropella, crack swap, ex Feniks, new late94-02/95).
N-L> Troop (Dimitri Harinck, swap, also in Slash Designs, 02/95).
DEN> Freddie (Anders Hansen, swap, 09/94-01/96).
USA> Dr.Doom (sysop FORTRESS OF DOOM WHQ, new mid94-03/97).
???> Aegis (code swap, new 01-02/95), BA (02/95), Benno (09/94-02/95),
     Backslash (09/94-02/95), Chaotic (ex Rebels, new 02/95), Darkness
     (02/95), Gangstar (new 09/94-02/95), Hi-Top (10/93-02/95), Human
     (09/94-02/95), Kirby (crack, 09/94-09/95), Lala (09/94-02/95), Racer
     (09/94-02/95), Ram Jam (new 09/94-02/95), Rebel (09/94-02/95), Skull
     (Bouke Kramer, music, 09/94-02/95), SMD (gfx, ex Motiv8, new 09/94-
     02/95), Snap (10/93-02/95), Thirt (02/95).


HUN> Trooper (swap, also in Agony, 09-12/94).
GER> Cavron (sysop STATE OF THE ART, ex TRC, new 10/93), Dr.Disk (ex TRC,
     new 10/93), Jack Alien (crack, ex TRC, new 10/93), Renegade (code gfx,
     ex TRC, new 10/93).
NOR> Dr.Who (Eirik Kittelsen, swap, 01/96).
N-L> Syco (Joost Martens, swap, 09/94).
???> Didi (crack, 95), Doc (crack, 10/93-95), Dreamlover (09/94), Lynx
     (09/94), Underdog (09/94).

Atlantis was a cracking group, and also released the diskmag Immortal Flash.
  1993 - After the joining of the german section of TRC (Jack Alien,
Dr.Disk, Renegade and Cavron) in october, Atlantis is now for the first time
a cracking group! Cavron brought with him 'STATE OF THE ART', and Avalanche
opened 'POWERENGINE' this month.
  1994 - SMD/Motiv8 (gfx), Ram Jam, Mr.Giga and Gangstar all joined in
  1995 - Agemixer (ex Astral) and Aegis joined, while Intruder left for
Excess around january.