Avantgarde (c64)

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Avantgarde (AVT)

GER> Cupid (Christian Heilmann, gfx, 01/96), Deff (supply, 09/94-01/96),
     Jack Alien (Robert, code crack, 09/94-03/96), Jack Daniels (Tobias,
     09/94-01/96), Mac Gyver (swap, 95), Skywolf (gfx, 09/94-01/96), Suicide
     (Christian, code fix, 09/95-01/96), Tricom (09/94-01/96), Weasel (also
     in Pandora, 09/94-01/96).
ENG> Derbyshire Ram (Barry Joynes, crack supply swap, later Remember, 09/94-
DEN> Metal (01/96).
POL> Druid (code, also in Agony Design, new 09/95-01/96), Trimone (supply,
     new 09/95-01/96).
???> Astaroth (01/96), Chameleon (09/95-01/96), Cyborg (09/95), D-Ram
     (crack, 95), Eliminator (09/95-01/96), Rage (09/95-01/96), Renegade
     (crack, ex Excess, new 09/95-01/96).

Boards; DREAM PARK (usa, 09/95-03/96).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 01/96) -

GER> A-Man (09/94), Darklord (09/94), Hok (09/94), Intruder (crack supply
     swap, 07/95-03/96), Magic Man (09/94), Nevis (09/94), Peter (09/94).
SWI> Freestyle (09/94-95).
ENG> Steve (sysop STRAYLIGHT EHQ, 09/94).
USA> Prodigy (sysop TERMINAL OBSESSION WHQ, 09/94).
???> Iron Cat (music, new 09/94).

Avantgarde was a german-based illegal cracking group, and one of the leading
ones in the time they were active. There is no reason to believe this group
had any connection to the amiga group of the same name, despite their
contemporary existence. Jack Alien released an improved version of
Matt/Tera's STUBBY-Noter, V2. Suicide rejoined the scene in this group;
his last one was Chromance. American fixer Pudwerx is no longer a member.
  1994 - Swiss coder Dave and Englishman Richie left the scene around the
middle of the year. A big setback for the group came in september, when
american fixer and sysop of their whq THE FORUM finally decided to leave
the scene to concentrate on his real-life job. This left the group without
both a fixer and a us board, though they were hopeful that Prodigy's
TERMINAL OBSESSION would be up again soon. Their musician Iron Cat also
rejoined the group this month, after finishing his army duty, while
Pbxcellence left the group.
  1995 - Polish coder Druid joined as a doublemember from Agony Design
around september, establishing a polish section. He was joined original
supplier Trimone, who is supposed to be a wellknown personality in the scene
under another handle... Decilion (09/94) left both the group and the scene.
Renegade joined from Excess around september. Weasel joined Pandora as his
second group.
  1998 - German cracker Thorn (09/94-) left for Remember in july.

  House Party (1995, end.09, Multifile demo).
  code: Jack Alien, Suicide, gfx: Avalanche/Atlantis (houses), Jack Alien
  (chars), RRR/Oxyron (chars), music: Red Devil/Fairlight (exclusive!), Guy
  Shavitt (exclusive?).
  review: This is the first ever Avantgarde demo, and quite an amusing
  little production it is too. It is all based on a party (and we're talking
  the beer'n'girls variety here) held at Jack Alien's house in Bensheim,
  germany from 7-10 september, and we're shown some pretty fun and
  surprisingly goodlooking parts. No revolutionary code here, but a good
  sense of design and humour help this with lots of charm. They mention in
  the endpart that it took a little time from the party to the release of
  the demo, so the release date is an approximation.
    The negative part of this demo is the glorification of cannabis in the
  scrolltext. Stupid and unnecessary. [glenn]