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Axelerate (AXE, 1997-,

POL> Asterix (code, new 98-09/98), Bolek (Piotr Bator, swap, new 09/98),
     Cactus (Pawek Bol, mainorg paperart swap, later Oxyron, 97-09/98),
     Copieya (code, 09/98), Data (music, new 09/98), DJ Sharp (music,
     09/98), Firebee (music, new 98-09/98), Klax (music, also in Oxygen,
     new 09/98), Legion (code, 09/98), Panda (code, 09/98), Phobos (music,
     09/98), Scarab (gfx, 09/98), Stix (music, new 98-09/98), TSD (code
     crack, 09/98).
NOR> Zapotek (Sveinung Bergkvist, swap, 00).

Axelerate is a polish demo group, formed by Cactus at the end of 1997.
  1998 - Their first demo was released, called "Grease" [98], announcing the
new memberships of Asterix (code), Firebee (music) and Stix (music).
September saw the release of the "Phobos Music Collection" [09/98], in turn
announcing that Bolek (swap) and Data (music) had joined, that Klax had
joined as a doublememb from Oxygen, and that Firebee had bought a pc and
would probably decrease his c64 activity some in the future.

  Grease (1998, demo).
  code: Legion, Asterix (additional), Rat/ex Axelerate (additional), gfx:
  Azgar/vaudeville, Scarab (additional), music: Klax/Oxygen, Phobos.
  review: "Grease" is this young group's first demo, and it does display a
  lack of experience. Among the effects we're shown is some plasma
  variations, shadebobs, sineplots and some linevectors. The graphics are an
  especially weak point in this demo, with some uninspired logo efforts.
    Probably released outside of any party (and thus hard to place in time
  without any additional hints), the demo announces Asterix' reentry into
  the scene in this group, and the joining of Firebee and Stix.
    The demo is a single file, but is accompanied by a note (code: Fero/
  Unreal, gfx: Azgar/Vaudeville, music: Phobos/Axelerate) with credits and
  some other small things. [glenn]

  Phobos Music Collection (1998, 28.09, musicdisk).
  code: Copieya, gfx: Copieya, Zeus/ex Axelerate, music: Phobos.
  review: The first thing that happens is that you're given a fullscreen
  choice between a note and the collection itself. The note (code: Legion,
  gfx: Scarab, music: Klax) tells us the usual things; the credits, the
  memberlist etc. The collection itself is a single static screen where you
  can select any one of the 24 available tunes. The graphics in this part
  (by Zeus) is pretty uninspiring. The music is average to good. [glenn]