Beyond Force (c64)

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Beyond Force (BF)

FIN> Control (gfx, 03-04/91), Gremlin (Olli Auvinen, code, aka GMN, 03/91-
     08/95), Hawkeye (code, ex Motion, new 07/90), Hazor (05/89-06/95), Max
     (ex Browbeat, new 07/90), Napalm (gfx, 03/91-08/95), Sam (code, 03-
     04/91), Solomon (code, 05/89-04/91), Stranger (code music, ex Motion,
     new 07/90-04/91), TLB (gfx, 03-04/91), TNT (code, 03/91-08/95).
NOR> Eric (ex Shape, new 07/90), Tony (ex Shape, new 07/90).
???> Kirk (gfx, 08/95), Plasma Design (gfx, 07/92).

Beyond Force was a finnish demo group.
  1990 - Norwegians Eric and Tony joined from Shape, and finnish coders
Hawkeye and Stranger from Motion in July. Finnish Max/Browbeat also joined
in july, so that's five recruitments in one month!
  1991 - The group held an internal meeting in Urjala, finland in january,
where it was decided to save all demoparts for the competition at the
Horizon Easter Party. This proved to be a wise decision, since the group
then went on to WIN the demo competition at that party with their demo
called "Anal Intruder" [04/91]!
  1992 - Gremlin hacked together the demo "Oh No, More Dots" [07/92] in a
week prior to the Assembly, and took home 2nd place in the demo competition
for his efforts. It became the group's last release for a year.
  1993 - At the Assembly in august the first product in a year was
released, Gremlin's demo "Attack of Stubidos Part 2" [08/93]. Napalm also
contributed a picture to Origo Dreamline's "Four Years" demo at the same

  Anal Intruder (1991, 01.04, Multifile Demo).
  code: Sam, Gremlin, TNT, Solomon, gfx: TLB, Control, Decoy Designs/TRC,
  ALD, Napalm, music: Moz(IC)Art, Stranger (part6).
  Winner of the Horizon Easter Party demo competition!
  review: Not at all bad, AI was a deserved winner at the HZ easter party.
  It consists of 10 parts of variable quality, though most are at least a
  little innovative. There are no big SHOCK parts here, for the most part
  the innovation consists of slight tweaks on earlier routines. Among the
  better routines are Sam's real sinusscroller (multicolor, with a real
  font) and Solomon's "2 thousand stars" (though we perhaps doubt THAT
  amount a little) 3d starfield routine. Another good reason to get this
  demo is all the great music done for it by the Norwegians in Moz(ic)art.
  Not each and every part has a music credit, but those that do (except one
  single instance by Stranger), are done by Moz(ic)Art.
    There is a total of 10 parts, where 9 are located on the first side and
  only the 10th and last is on the second. I guess someone ran out of
  diskspace =) [glenn]

  Oh No, More Dots! (1992, 25.07, Demo).
  code: Gremlin, gfx: Plasma Design (logo), Napalm (pictures), Bren (logo),
  music: "You'll End Up Crying", "Witchcraft" and "Lotus" by Zardax/Origo
  Dreamline. 2nd in the Assembly 92 demo competition.
  review: BF participated with a small (3-part) demo at Assembly this year,
  and lost to Dual Crew in the competition. IMHO, this demo is slightly
  better than DC's effort, but loses points for its length - or lack
  thereof. ;) What's here is fair, hacked together as mentioned in one of
  the scrolls, in a week. Of the three parts, two unsurprisingly concentrate
  on dots - one with a scrolling landscape type effect, and the other on
  objects. The routine at the heart of the demo seems pretty good, but
  ultimately this demo is too short to be very memorable. The demo never
  really makes clear if Bren just made a guest appearance or if he is a
  member of BF now. [glenn]

  Attack of Stubidos Part 2 (1993, 09.08, Multifile Demo).
  code: Gremlin, gfx/music: see review.
  Released for the Assembly 93 demo competition.
  review: AOS2 opens (apart from a textscreen while decrunching) with a
  pretty cool introduction part. It consists of a large BF logo, done by
  Plasma Design (not a BF member), a spinning dark blue chessboard and a
  green scroller at the bottom of the screen. It's a nice intro, and sets a
  good mood for the rest of the demo. No credit is given for the music, that
  does sound awfully familiar...
    The second part is not as impressive, more like downright ugly =) There
  is a waving dotscroller over what they call "psychocircles", which is
  really a real simple form of intereference, in shades of blue. This is an
  ugly part, which they really shouldn't have included. The music by Rock/
  Finnish Gold (Origo) is not much better.
    The third part is a little better again. It opens with a standard 8x8
  pixel scroller at the bottom of the screen with colors at the right and
  left edges. Then the best effect of the demo appears, two zooming spheres
  (popular in amiga demos at the time) with priority calculations! The
  spheres move quickly and smoothly, making this the best part of the demo.
  The font is by Napalm, and the music by Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise
  (presumably ripped).
    The fourth and final part consists simply of a 3d starfield, with 170
  realtime calculated dots, but is not very impressive... It's not that it's
  not well coded, but just a tad...boring =) The font is by someone in
  Blackmail, and the music was done by Bappalander/Light (presumably
    In addition to this demo, Gremlin also released an amiga intro for
  Beyond Force at this party. [glenn]

  7 Years (1995, 12.08, Demo).
  code: Gremlin, TNT (loader), gfx: Napalm, Kirk, music: Prosonix (group),
  Danko/independent. 3rd in the Assembly 95 demo competition.