Black Mail

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Black Mail (BML)

HOL> Alf (code, 89-91), Asp (code, 89), Buzz (Benno Schaar, swap, 89-91),
     Gaap (Peter Van Esch, code, 89-91), Hein Design (Hein Holt, gfx,
     91-93), Hitchhiker (Darius Heydarpour, code, 91), Ion (Jeroen
     Dunnewick, swap, 89-91), JB (Jeroen Breebaart, music), Orc (Richard
     Groenendijk, gfx, 89-93), Reyn Ouwehand (music, 91), Skyline (Ramon
     Kreuger, code, 91), Thunder (Tony van Esch, code gfx, 89-91), Trooper
     (Hans Memling, swap, 89).

Black Mail were a Dutch demo group, who will be remembered for their
awesome demo "Dutch Breeze", and for inventing the FLI graphics mode. Orc
and Hein Design sometimes work under the collective banner DiArt. Thunder
and Gaaap are brothers. Thanks to Hitchhiker for information!

  So-Phisticated 3 (1989, Multifile Demo).
  code: Asp, Alf, Gaap, 20cc, Thunder, gfx: Orc, Thunder, Robert, music:
  Edwin van Santen & Falco Paul/20th Century Composers (20cc).
  Made in cooperation with Inorix and 20cc.
  review: There is really just one star in this demo; Orc's graphics. It is
  without a doubt that Orc was well ahead of his times in this department,
  and his graphical designs here contribute greatly to the overall success
  of the demo. Despite nothing outstanding in the coding department, the
  demo succeeds mainly on the back of this. The demo was made in association
  with Inorx (previous group of many of the members) and 20th Century
  Composers (20cc), who supplied all the music and coded one part.
    The exact release date of this demo is highly uncertain, but there are
  some clues. It was released at one of the Venlo meetings this year, held
  on saturday the 15th of whatever month it was, and it was certainly before
  august. This is all we know so far, if anyone has more correct
  information, let us know... This might very well have been the very first
  appearance of an FLI image, predating the original release of the editor.

  Dutch Breeze (1991, Multifile Demo, 2 disksides).
  code: Alf, Gaap, Hitchhiker, Skyline, Thunder, gfx: Orc, Hein Design,
  Robert Tan/independent, music: Reyn Ouwehand, Falco Paul/20CC, Jeroen
  Tel/Maniacs of Noise.
  review: WOW! DB is an absolute explosion of a demo! Design and style by
  the bucketload, and some of the best graphics and music I've ever seen
  combine to make DB a showstopper. This demo is also full to the brim with
  graphics, throwing one fabulous picture and logo after the other at the
  viewer. And the music! Any group that has Reyn Ouwehand as a regular
  member and can just invite Jeroen Tel in to do a few tunes for them, gets
  my vote every time! Absolutely fabulous. If you love graphics, you'll
    Text in the demo suggest it was released for a demo competition (they'd
  be fools not to!), but there is no mention of which or where... [glenn]