Blaze (c64)

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Blaze (BLZ)

GER> Clax'n'Tom (swap, 03/92), Comix Art (Marc Claysen, paperart swap,
     03/92), Copkiller (Thomas Bauer, swap, 03/92), The Bomb Jack (Jens
     Neumann, swap, 03/92), Turbo B (Jan Adams, gfx swap, 03/92-01/93).
FIN> Jojeli (Joni Joeli, swap, 03/92).
AUT> Dope (Benjamin Pauswek, swap, 03/92).
???> Aggressive (crack, 03/92), Sculptor (crack, 03/92).

  1992 - Mr.Mouse (Michael Zuurman, swap, also in Xentax) left the scene in
  1993 - Mr.Ammo left for Triad in january. Danish editor and graphician
Biz Kid joined from the recently deceased Ozone briefly in february, before
taking Machine, Scrapper and Peace with him to join Oxyron shortly after -
which means both that the mags 'Addybook' (Scrapper) and 'Skyhigh' (Biz
Kid) are now Oxyron productions.

  Addybook #7 (1992, 28.03, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Peace, gfx: Kirk/Topaz Beerline/Plasma Design (addybook logo),
        Turbo B (blaze logo, sprites), music: Gerard/Sonic Graffity.
  MAG - code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: Geir Tjelta/Moz(ic)Art, editor:
        Scrapper. Released at the Venlo Meeting.
  review: Addybook is a diskmag with a focus; addresses for swapping. There
  really are no other features to it. There are four 'chapters' here;
  Editorial, Charts, Addies and Addies II... the charts actually seem a
  little unnecessary in my eyes, since they bring nothing new to the table.
  So in reality this is a mag with little or no value apart from the audio-
  visuals... The graphics and music are of passable quality, ok but not
  excepetional. There are no actual credits for the mag itself, but probing
  the memory at least revealed the name of the musician. The tune carries a
  1990 copyright, so was probably ripped.
    The disk came with a lot of extras; a note written by Mr.Mouse (using
  Flexwriter V1 by Flexer/Mystic) in february, detailing the addybook crew's
  intention to start featuring underground music news in the mag; a small
  41-block contact intro (code: scrapper, logo: turbo b, music: drax/
  vibrants); the cracks Chaos+ and Duonoid +2, and finally a note by
  Scrapper (written using Facenoter) for his contacts. [glenn]