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Bodycount (BCT)

AUS> Collector (06/93), Edwin (06/93), Eightball (Brian, editor, 06/93),
     Insane (gfx writer, 06/93), Jazzcat (editor, 06/93), Maxell (06/93),
     Morbid (writer, 06/93), Psycho (code, 06/93), Shades (code, 06/93),
     System Error (06/93).
ENG> Roy (code, also in Mayhem, 06/93).
N-z> The Hegg (06/93).
???> Mandrake (eur, 06/93).

  1993 - "Vandalism News #10" [06/93] was (likely) released in june. The mag
featured a total redesign with new code from Shades and graphics from
RRR/Oxyron. It also announced that editor Vengeance had left the group for
Success, but would remain as editor of the mag; that Mandrake left his
second group Fairlight; That Roy left X-Rated and instead joined Mayhem as
his second group; that Morbid returned to the scene; that Patto (gfx) was
kicked for ripping graphics and that Oracle (gfx) was kicked due to
lazyness. The group now searches for a new graphician, since Insane is the
only one they've got left.

  Vandalism News #10 (1993, .06, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Shades, gfx: RRR/Oxyron, Vic/Camelot (5x5 font), music:
        Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of Noise.
  MAG - code: Shades, Psycho (irq loader), gfx: Witty/WOW (title),
        RRR/Oxyron, music: Jeff/Camelot (title), Danko/Censor (main),
        editors: Vengeance/Success, Eight Ball (main), Nightshade/Success,
        Anarchy/Red Sector, Jazzcat, Insane, Morbid.
  review: VN apparently received a brand new code and graphics for this
  edition, and though we have never seen the previous edition, we can
  certainly vouch for the fact that this has become an attractive mag. This
  is largely thanks to RRR/Oxyron, who has done all the graphics for this
  mag (intro and magpart) except for a few minor exceptions. Editorially,
  this mag fills the standard functions of news, rumours and general
  bullshit, but at least do it in a pretty ok fashion. This being an
  australian mag, the language is ofcourse impeccable. The mag is entirely
  joystick-controlled, and the method works fine. The reading experience
  suffers perhaps a little too much from the 'flashing text' phenomenon,
  actually making it a little strainful on the eyes reading it all the way
  through in one sitting. The actual reading screen is very basic, with a
  pretty good Bodycount with animated, glowing highlights on top and the
  rest of the screen devoted to the text.
    The 'exclusivity' status of the music featured in the mag remains a
  little bit of a mystery... These are pretty prominent musicians, and
  you'd think they were given a little more of a thank you inside the mag
  if the tunes were anything but ripped...
    Nowhere inside the mag (or the accompanying note) does it claim a
  release date - in fact not even a year! The release date quoted above is
  therefore little more than a guess. It is based on the fact that the mag
  contains reviews of Oxyron's "Coma Light 10" and Topaz Beerline's
  "Graveyard Blues 3" demos, both released on the 30th of may, and the fact
  that several contact ads from germans mention a new zip code that will be
  active from the 1st of july. Therefore, the mag must have been released
  sometime between these two dates.
    This mag announces the fact that main editor Vengeance has left the
  group for Success, but will still remain as editor of this mag which
  stays under the Bodycount label. [glenn]