Booze Design

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Booze Design (BD, 1991-)

SWE> Dane (code gfx music, 02/04), HCL (code gfx, 91-01/04).
YUG> Jailbird (Arnold Cistai, gfx, 04/03-01/04).

Booze Design is a swedish demo group who made a big comeback in recent
  1993 - After releasing "Totally Stoned 2" at TCC'93 the active members of
the group, HCL and Vodka, joined Light!

  1 Year Totally Stoned (1992, Demo).

  Totally Stoned 2 (1993, 30.05, Demo).
  code: HCL, gfx: Vodka, HCL, music: Duck Larock, MSK, Drax, Mixer, O'Neill,
  Bappalander, HCL, A-Man.
  2nd in The Computer Crossroads 93 demo competition.

  Royal Arte (2001, 15.04, Demo).
  code: HCL, gfx: HCL, Valsary, FCT, Deekay/Crest, music: Vip/Padua, Glenn
  Rune Gallefoss/Blues-Muz', Goto80, Agemixer/Scallop, Mindflow/Triad,
  Mitch & Dane. Winner of the Mekka Symposium 2001 demo competition!
  review: If you like your demos to be heavy on the art, with impressive
  coding and some fabulously catchy tunes, then look no further. RA is a
  powerhouse demonstration of graphical beauty almost unheard of since
  Blackmail released "Dutch Breeze" in 1991!
    The demo was NOT released at the party where it won, due to some bugs
  that HCL wanted to fix before making a final release. This review caters
  to the 'final' version, released in november at the X2001 party. [glenn]

  Interruptus Retriggerus (2002, Filedemo).
  code: HCL, gfx: n/a, music: GRG/Shape/Bluez'Mus.
  info: Reviewed in Domination #17.

  Industrial Breakdown (2003, 22.02, Demo).
  code: HCL, gfx: n/a, music: GRG.
  Winner of the Floppy 2003 demo competition!