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Breeze (BRZ, 1995-)

HUN> BBT (P. Toth Andres, mainorg code, 95-03/03), Bigfoot (Borsani Attila,
     code, 04/95-09/97), Blues (I. Bonisch Adam, code gfx, 95-09/97), Bogyo
     (Zarka Zsolt, gfx, new late96-09/97), Carlos (Gábor Csordás, music,
     95-09/97), Janee (Horvath V. Janos, code, 95-09/97), Mr.Axel (code,
     95-09/97), Trias (Szabo Jozsef, 04-09/97), Uri (code, 95-09/97).
ENG> Regi Keyz (Richard O'Regan, code music, also in Onslaught, 95-10/03).
GER> Rayden (gfx, also in Alpha Flight 1970 and Cyberpunx, 12/98-04/00).

Breeze is a primarily Hungarian demo group, formed in january 1995 when the
groups Nuclear Power and Eura fusioned. Original members were Janee (leader
code), Blues (gfx), Carlos (music), Kry (music), Tocsa (hardware) and BBT
(code). Their first production, "Carlos' First Music Collection", was
released in the summer. New members joined; Kjq (paperart), Cvs (paperart),
Kat'Dam (swap), TRS (gfx swap), Mr.Axel (code), Yeti (paperart), Mysy
(swap), Uri (code) and Regi Keyz (code music). Bigfoot (code) joined in
april at the Scenest 95 party. Three issues of the Hungarian diskmag "Short
Circuit" was released in 95, with Mr.Axel as editor. At the Liquid 95 party
in december, TRS became leader.
  1996 - BBT assumed leadership and kicked the inactive members in 96, and
when coding began on their first demo "Lone Star" in august, the memberlist
looked like this: Janee, Bigfoot, Mr.Axel, Uri, Regi Keyz, Carlos, Kat'Dam,
Blues, BBT and TRSI. The demo was planned for release at EXE 96, but was
postponed when that party was cancelled. Bogyo/Graffity (gfx) joined late in
the year.
  1997 - The demo "Lone Star" [04/97] was finally entered in the Scenest 97
demo competition in april, and finished as a split winner!
  1998 - The preview of their upcoming demo The Quark, "Preview of The
Quark" [12/98] was released at The Party in december, scoring an impressive
second place in the competition, beaten only by Smash Designs!
Unfortunately, the promised "full version" of the demo never saw the light
of day =(

  Lone Star (1997, 05.04, Multifile Demo, 2 disksides).
  Split 1st in the Scenest 97 demo competition!

  Lone Star final (1997, 09.09, Multifile Demo, 2 disksides).
  code: BBT, Bigfoot, Uri, Mr.Axel, Janee, Blues, gfx: Blues, Bogye, TRS,
  Wile Coyote (WEC)/Angry/WOW (logo), music: Carlos, Taki/Natural Beat.
  review: This is the final version of the demo that shared first place at
  Scenest 97, with bugfixes and speedups to further enhance the experience.
  The demo itself is not very graphics-heavy, relying more on effects. IRQ-
  loaded, as is the norm these days, it offers very little design elements.
  Most effects are bitmap manipulation style stuff, but there are some other
  cool ones too. I'm sure the Doom part is technically impressive, but it
  just doesn't look very exciting to me :) Of much more interest is the
  first ever hiddenline vector city. This routine is actually pretty fast,
  and pretty impressive if you ask me! Overall, this is an uneven demo that
  would have benefited from some more design. Some parts are excellent, some
  are a little boring. [glenn]

  Zoom8 Terror (1997, 22.08, Filedemo).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: "Future Breeze" by Carlos.
  Winner of the AntiQ 97 demo competition!
  review: This is a pretty good little demo, based almost entirely on a
  single routine. It's one of those 4x4 pixel routines, with 'smoothing'. It
  works reasonably well, and they use it to present routines like plasma,
  flames, tunnels and swirls. The opening logo is great, and Carlos' tune is
  a trance-y affair, reasonbly well done I suppose. It seems to loop
  endlessly at the end, and no credits were present as far as I could see.
  The filename of the demo on the compo disk did say "/uri", so I suppose
  it's a far guess he was somehow involved. [glenn]

  Preview of The Quark (1998, 28.12, Demo).
  code: Bigfoot, BBT, gfx: Rayden, Cyclone/Abyss, music: Taki/Natural Beat.
  2nd in The Party 98 demo competition.
  review: This demo, though only a preview, impressed THE HELL out of me. It
  comes on two disksides, though only barely. You load the executable file
  on side one, then flip the disk before typing 'run'. Taki's music is the
  first thing that hits you; a dynamic, melodic tune that's perfect for the
  demo, and never gets boring or repetitive. But the star of the show is the
  code... oh, the code! From the fractal-mapped boxes to the 3d rasters and
  even a phong torus (on a c64!!), this demo impresses wall-to-wall. Three
  good ifli fullscreen pictures appear in the demo, one by Cyclone and two
  by Rayden - where the last one is a real stunning piece of art. Just a
  great little demo.
    Though this was released as a preview of the full demo, the entire thing
  was unfortunately never released. Thanks to BBT for some information.
    The demo comes on two disksides (only one file on the first), totalling
  19 files and 783 blocks. This is not counting the note, which is an
  additional 36 blocks. The note contains credits and little else. It's an
  owncoded affair, with a not-too-great Breeze logo by WEC (uncredited). No
  credits for the actual note can be found anywhere. [glenn]

  Bastard (2000, 23.04, Demo, 2 disksides).
  code: n/a, gfx: Rayden, music: n/a.
  4th in the Mekka Symposium 2000 demo competition.
  review: From an unimpressive start, this demo goes onto an almost-cool
  square checkerboard tunnel effect. Next comes a very good (IFLI?)
  fullscreen picture of the outline of a face, before we see a part heavily
  inspired by the artwork for the movie "The Matrix". This part also
  features a morphing "dotball" (bigger dots, but...) which appears in an
  overlaid window after a short while. The b&w, sorta-smoothed morphing
  routine is held for too long, before the word "loading" is texturemapped
  onto a cube while the next part loads. The next part is funny; VERY
  similar to Spaceballs' "State of the Art" [amiga, 12/92] - so much so in
  fact, that we almost suspect the animation is ripped - it does prove that
  the aforementioned demo could easily have been done on the 64! ;) Next is
  a pretty cool plasma-like, caleidoscope-like effect. Sorry, don't know
  what else to call it ;) Then the demo loads again, while we get to see a
  lopping lineanimation, and the first thing that strikes you is a real
  amazing fullscreen picture! This is infact "Oppa Roxx" by Rayden, the
  winner of the graphics competition at the same party. Then a Breeze logo
  is stretched in all and any direction for a while, before a concluding
  "The End" logo. Press space and you get a text screen that says Breeze
  needs more members. No credits appear anywhere in the demo, which is a
  REAL shame as I'd really like to know who drew those two fullscreen
  pictures... But overall, this is a demo with some good parts
  (caleidoscope, pictures) and some not so good ones. It looks like a little
  more time could have been spent on the design of some of the parts that
  make it up, and therefore comes across as half-good. [glenn]