Bronx (c64)

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Bronx (1990-,

GER> Gozar (Kolja Fritz, swap, 05/91), Ivory (edit swap, 05/91), Spellbound
     (Marc Hoffman, code edit swap, aka SPB, 05/91).
DEN> Bird (Tommy Raun, org gfx edit sysop CLOSE UP, 05/91-01/93), Jason
     (swap, 05/91).
TUR> Mephisto (code, 05/91).
???> Dice (gfx, new 12/92), Pixel (gfx, new 12/92).

Bronx was a mainly Turkish demo group. Bronx is now led by Bird. Bronx had
two mags at one time; Recall (Bird and Ivory) and Cemetery News
(Spellbound). After members of Brutal complained about name similarities
between "Recall" and their mag "Brutal Recall", the name was changed to
Earthshake. Bird has previously been in groups like TBT, Microforce, Atrix,
Vision, Light, X-Plicit, Poorhouse and No Name.
  1990 - Brego joined from Ruthless, and Mephisto announced his comeback to
the scene in december.
  1991 - The group was dealt a major blow around may, when Tuareg, Mad,
Teod, Metallic, Master, Babyface, Scotch, Prince, Exodus and Remix all left
to build a new group called Clique. Shortly after, also the Australian
division left for Clique. Rumours started flying around that Bronx
was dead following this, but that was not true. Spellbound took over
editorship of the diskmag Cemetery News from Remix.
  1992 - Dice (gfx) and Pixel (gfx) both joined in december.
  1993 - Due 75 was kicked out around february. Bird was interviewed for
Ozone's "Skyhigh #1" [01/93]. He opened the board CLOSE UP in february.

  Cemetery News #4 (1991, 25.03, Diskmag).
  info: Date is 100%, from a note by Remix himself.