Brutal (c64)

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Brutal ([B], 1990-1993)

DEN> Baze (Thomas Jørgensen, swap, 04/91-03/92), Bleze (code gfx swap,
     04/91-92), Iron Boss (Brian Knudsen, swap, 03/92).
GER> Deathtralker (sysop 'THE DECADENCE', early93).
???> Raise (code, 04/91), Slash (code gfx, 08/90-04/91).

Boards; THE LOST EMPIRE (hol, 12/91), BRUTAL LTD. (den, 12/91).

Brutal are a Danish and Dutch demo and cracking group, formed in august 1990
by TCH and Slash. They were soon joined by the swapper Base/Zyrox and Raise
and Bleze from Shape. Wildstyle/Paramount joined briefly but was then
kicked. Baze, Raise and Bleze then joined Miracle, but after a brief period
they all returned.
  1993 - The group went into cooperation with Dunex around february. RCS
returned to the scene in early 93. Unfortunately the group was declared dead
in august. TCH (code crack gfx editor, 08/90-), RCS, Tarasque, Technoir and
Scenk all left to build a new group called Inbread. "Brutal Recall" will
from now on be released by them.

  Brutal Recall #1 (1991, 13.04, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: TCH, gfx: TCH, music: Boogaloo/Light (intro), Metal/Bonzai (mag).
  review: This mag seems to be almost entirely TCH's effort, what with him
  being the coder, graphician (good too!) and editor. But it's actually far
  from bad, more like a promising beginning. There's not a lot to read yet,
  most articles seem to be more concerned with explaining what they WILL BE.
  The graphics and code are more than functional, and give a good overall
  feeling. I didn't like the control method much, but I guess that's more
  down to personal preference. It works. [glenn]

  Brutal Recall #7 (1991, mid.10, Multifile Diskmag).
  code/gfx: TCH, music: JCH/Vibrants (intro), Iron Cat/TRC (mag).

  Brutal Recall #8 (1991, late, Multifile Diskmag).
  INT - code: TCH, gfx: Trax/TRC (logo, chars), music: JCH/Vibrants.
  MAG - code:

  Brutal Demoparty 92 Invitation (1992, 19.04, File).
  INT - code: TCH/Brutal, RCS/Ikari, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.
  INV - code: Yedo/Ozone, gfx: Bleze (logo, small charset), Vic/Camelot (big
  font), music: "Echo Style" by Iron Cat/TRC.
  Released at the Easter Conference 92.
  review: This invitation intro opens with a BRUTAL intro that looks like it
  was just taken from one of their cracks =) If features two BRUTAL logos,
  one on top and one in the bottom, and two jumping scrollers inbetween.
  Hardly cutting edge stuff. No graphics or music is credited. We press
  space, and is taken to equally unimpressive main invitation part. This one
  has another BRUTAL logo in the bottom of the screen, with the rest being
  taken up by the invitation text. This can be scrolled up and down using
  the joystick. And that's about it really =) [glenn]