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Camelot (CML-, 1991-)

DEN> Biz Kid (Jesper Jørgensen, gfx edit, 09/95-01/96), Cruzer (Martin
     Kristensen, code, ex Bonzai, 12/91-02/94), Dan Dare (gfx, new 91-
     01/92), Duck LaRock (music, 12/91-09/95), Flexi (code, 12/91-01/92),
     Glasnost (Peter Elbaek Rasmussen, founder code gfx swap, ex Light,
     12/91-01/92), Jeff (Soren Lund, code music, also in Cyberzound
     Production, 92), ME (music, 92), Raz (code, 02/94-09/95), Rex (founder
     code, ex Laser, 12/91-01/92), Slammer (Mads Nielsen, code, ex Bonzai,
     12/91-12/94), Spinx (founder code, ex Light, 12/91-01/92), Vic (gfx,
     12/91-01/92), Wave (ex Vision, new 05/93).
???> Black Samurai (gfx, new 05-09/95), Rob (gfx, 12/93-08/94).

Camelot was born early 1991 by Sphinx, Glasnost and The Guardian from Light,
and Rex from Laser. They originally had one swedish member (The Guardian aka
TGD), but after a small time were 100% danish, and remained that way as far
as I know... Apparently TGD (crack) went to Spain for 1.5 years and remained
a sleeping or inactive member.
  1993 - Danish Wave joined from Vision in may. Graphician Black Samurai
joined from Wrath Designs at the TCC 93 party at the end of may.

  Camel Park (Demo).

  One Year III (1991, 28.12, Multiload Demo).
  code: Spinx (part1), Rex (part2, part7), Flexi (part3), Glasnost (part4,
  part6, part10), Cruzer (part5, part8), Slammer (part9), gfx: Vic,
  Scooby/Light, Glasnost, Trix, Dan Dare, music: Reyn Ouwehand/independent
  (part1), JCH/Vibrants (part2, part8), Laxity/Vibrants (part3),
  Rage/Megastyle (part4), Maduplec/Crest (part5), Duck Larock (part6, part7,
  part9), Mario "Steel/Padua" Laugell (part10).
  2nd in The Party 91 demo competition.
  info: I am redoing this review, and the updated version will be in the
  next edition of scenery. For now, we're sorry.

  Produkthandler Kom Her (Demo).
  code: Cruzer, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.

  One Year Camelot (Demo).
  info: Late 91 or early 92.

  Sky High #15 (1995, 09.03, Multifile Diskmag).
  INT - code: Devil/Noice, gfx: Draz/Noice (logo), Biz Kid (sprites), music:
  MAG - code: Raz, Glasnost (loader), gfx: Biz Kid, music: "Depressions" by
        Fanta/Plush/Natural Beat, "Why Go Away" by Rap/Jabole/Lepsi/Noname,
        "Partytime" by Peace/Noice.
  review: After the intro, which we won't dwell on, we are launched into
  another issue of one of the best mags the scene saw this year. The unusual
  design helps the mag stand out from the crowd.

  Sky High #16 (1995, Diskmag).

  Sky High #17 (1995, .06, Diskmag).

  Sky High #18 (1995, 01.09, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Raz, gfx: Biz Kid, music: JCH (?).
  MAG - code: Raz, gfx: Biz Kid, music: "Lost Lust" by Kristian Røstøen/
        Blues Muz'/Shape, "Stomping Bass" by TMG/Fatum, "Andagt I Rummet" by
        Duck LaRock/Camelot, editor: Biz Kid.
  review: SH is a really nice mag, with an unusual design. It looks a little
  like a simplified Amiga Workbench 1.3, and works remarkably well, once you
  figure it out! There is no music while in this, the text choice menu, the
  music you select (also on this menu) starts once you start reading an
  article. The article reading part is also good, with a horizontal
  scrolling textreader with smooth scrolling and two different font sizes.
    The intro preceding the mag is also nicely different, though they could
  perhaps have dropped the 'logo' at the top of the screen. All music in the
  mag is exclusive. Another nice function of this mag is the 'extras'
  section, which this time features an old intro (by Cheyens), plus the
  winners of the graphics and music competitions from the recent 4x4 party!
  The editorial content of the mag is demo oriented, with very little
  material focusing on the illegal part of the scene. There are the usual
  news, reviews and interviews, though the mag also tries to be different
  with some original ideas, like the "Vision" part. Overall, this is a
  pretty good mag, spanning two disksides, with quite a bit of material to
  read. Go gettit! :) [glenn]

  Sky High #19 (1995, late, Diskmag).

  Sky High #20 (1996, 16.01, Diskmag).
  IN1 - code: Nucleus/Tempest, gfx: Vic/Camelot (logo), music: "Time For
        Sex" by Metal/Vibrants/Camelot/Avantgarde.
  IN2 - code: Druid/Agony Design/Avantgarde, gfx: Jetan/Agony Design (fonts,
        logo), music: Drax/Vibrants (note: Done in 1990).
  MAG - code: Raz, Glasnost (loader, packer), gfx: Electric/Extend (logo),
        Cupid/Avantgarde (sprite), Biz Kid, music: "Acrobat" by Mitch &
        Dane/CyberZound Productions, "Mor Lugter" by Jeff/Camelot/CyberZound
        Productions, "Aqualite" by Fanta/Oxyron/Bass, "Media & Pain" by
        Cubehead/ex Resource, editor: Biz Kid.
  review: Camelot have gone nicely overboard with their 20th issue (released
  on the date of their third anniversary), doing 3 full disksides! Not one -
  oh no - but two intros open the mag, which also has a good editorial
  content. This time they present interviews with some pretty interesting
  persons frm the scene; people like TTS/Oxyron, Chris Huelsbeck and JCH/
  Vibrants should be familiar to most of you I guess ;) Coupled with their
  usual high editorial standard this is another great issue of SH. What more
  is there to say? Nada. [glenn]