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Censor Design (CEN, 1989-, http://www.censor.net)

SWE> Adrian (videoswap, new 11/89-09/90), Bob (Robert Gyorvari, founder
     code, 10/89-05/93), Codex (code, ex Triad, 10/89-01/90), Contring
     (founder, 10/89-09/90), CRT (founder, 10/89-09/90), Danko (Tomas
     Danko, new 09/90-05/93), Dragon (founder gfx, 10/89-05/93), Geggin
     (code swap, ex Mocean, new 12/89-05/91), Guran (founder code, 10/89-
     05/93), Master Race (swap, ex White Lion/Omega, new 03/91), Methabol
     (crack, ex Omega, new 03/91), NiM (Mirko Jakse, gfx sysop 3RD REICH,
     old handle Adolf, new 09/90-94), Psycho (Anders Almann, founder code
     crack swap sysop THE TESTURE, 10/89-early93), Sensei (founder, 10/89-
     93), Shark (founder sysop 'ATTRACTION', 10/89-05/91), Slaygon (Kenneth
     Mutka, music, ex Triad, 10/89-09/90), Swallow (Fredrik Ternell,
     founder code music, 10/89-05/93), Taito (founder gfx, 10/89-09/90),
     Tycoon (crack, ex Light, new 05/91).
USA> Sorceress (sysop MYSTIC CAVERN, also in Culture, 09/90-05/91).
???> Compus (swap, ex Focus, new early91), Staiger (code, 05/93).

Boards; TERMINAL OBSESSION (usa, coop NEC+NEI, 05/91), THE GAME ZONE (usa,
     coop NEC, new 12/89).

Censor was a Swedish demo and cracking group, born in september 1989 when
Euzkera, Bob, Taito, Sensei, Psycho, Contring, Swallow, Guran, Shark, CRT
and Dragon all left Triad to form this new group. Soon after, Squelch,
Codex, Slaygon and Darklord also followed from Triad. The handle PC Ltd.,
sometimes used on Censor productions, mean Psycho and CRT. Redcuz was a
fake member, created by Dr.Cool and Euzkera; all cracking under this name
was actually done by Psycho. Though the group started on the c64, they also
later made quite a name for themselves on the Super Nintendo Entertainment
System (SNES) scene. Thanks to NiM for information and corrections!
  1989 - Not long after the group was formed, Golem left for a career in
Byterapers on the Amiga late in the year. Also Squelch and Darklord (both
ex Triad) left, to join Sector 90 on the amiga. In december, they received
a new American board, THE GAME ZONE (in cooperation with NEC) and two new
members, Derek B/Success and Unifier (no group). Derek B's stay was short,
and he was out by january. No less than four issues of their young magazine
Fatal News was released in the last two months of the year. In addition to
all this, they also managed to launch a shortlived war with Light (more
specifically Goblin) over some problems Censor had supposedly created at a
party. It was over by january 90. Geggin/Mocean joined in december.
  1990 - CRT announced around may that he was stopping his swapping
activities. Swedish coder Unifier (ex Weird Science, new 11/89),
responsible for at least the Contact Dealer V2 tool for Censor, was kicked
around july, and joined Flash Inc. "Fatal News #7" [09/90] announced two
new members, Adolf (formerly known as Toad/Motion) and swedish musician
Danko. Their long-standing 'war' with Fairlight was called off, and the
two groups collaborated on a peace demo called "Eye Damage" [10/90] in
  1991 - January saw dutchmen Skater, Mirage and Zarhan Fastfive joining
the group from Culture after that group died, bringing the diskmag "Shock"
with them. Swedes Danko and DAW left the group, but Danko later returned.
DAW returned to his old group Triad. After the Horizon party at easter
time, Dr.Cool (Daniel, ex Galaxy, new 12/89), was accused of stealing
hardware and software from several participants, and was promptly kicked
from the group. His friend Adolf then left, in an act of solidarity.
Together the two formed a new group called "Victims" with ex-members of
Dynamix. Censor then strengthened their memberstatus with Compus/Focus
(swap) and White Lion (swap, who propmptly changed handle to Master Race)
and Methabol (crack) from Omega (crack). Former "Fatal News" editor (and
one of the original founders) Euzkera decided to leave for Science 451. Not
all was bad, though, this was also the year they released their best demo
yet, "Wonderland 8" and the first issue of their new diskmag "Shock".
  1993 -  Dutchmen Mirage (code gfx) and Skater (editor, both ex Culture,
new 01/91) left early 93. The two were mainly responsible for the mag
project "Shock".
  1994 - When Victims slowly started to become inactive this year, Adolf
rejoined to work on a game (Bouncy Balls) with Bob!
  1995 - Bob had his animation and paint utility Cenimate Bitmap Editor
released commercially thru CP Verlag this year.

  Fatal News #1 (1989, early.10, Filemag).
  code: Psycho, gfx: Taito, music: n/a, editor: Euzkera.
  review: Information is scarce on the credits side of this first issue of
  Censor's diskmag. It took me a while to figure out that you need to press
  + and - to flip through the pages, since there's no text to explain this
  on the first page, and I honestly thought the page I was staring at was an
  intro :) There's not much to read in the mag, of most interest were two
  party reports from the same Horizon meeting. Page layout is pretty basic,
  and with an overuse of flashing color in the text.
    This is about as basic as a diskmag gets, though we have to remember
  that this was 1989. No release date appears in the mag, and I'm basing the
  date on the party reports (late .09) and the wish to have people attend an
  upcoming party (12-15.10). [glenn]

  Fatal News #2 (1989, .11, Filemag).
  code: Psycho, gfx: Taito, music: Lords of Sonics, editor: Euzkera.
  review: The second issue of FN sports some coding improvements (you can
  now choose between several categories, then flip the pages) and a little
  more to read, but otherwise looks identical. The biggest article this time
  is the party report from the Shape and TRC party in Norway. It's harder to
  put a date on this one than the first, it's sometime between mid.10 and
  .12/89, but that's as much as I can narrow it down. Getting better.

  Fatal News #3 (1989, early.12, Filemag).
  code: Psycho, gfx: Taito, music: Lords of Sonics, editor: Euzkera.
  review: This issue is perhaps a small step back from the last one, with no
  real articles to keep reading interesting. Code has remained the same as
  last time, only now there's a new logo at the top of screen, which says
  Fatal News, not Censor like before. Not their best issue.
    Again the release date is purely a guess, based on circumstancial
  evidence :) [glenn]

  Fatal News #4 (1990, .01, Filemag).
  code: Anders Almann (psycho), gfx: Urban Nilsson, Patrik Havila, music:
  Magmagix/TRC, editor: John (euzkera).
  review: This issue is supposedly now released under the new 'professional'
  group Fatal Design, but since everyone involved is still Censor members,
  and this would just last for two issues, I have decided to let these two
  issues remain here, under the Censor section. Well, not much has changed
  since the last issue. As usual only one article, a report from the
  Dominators and Upfront party in Denmark in december. It may be just me,
  but I'm getting seriously tired of reading about how drunk you guys got,
  when I really want to know about the party. Not even results! They said in
  the last issue that this issue would get released at this party, but since
  they've included a report, it's fair to assume that they didn't make it!

  Wonderland V (1990, 05.01, Demo).
  Winner of the Phenomena and Censor Party 90 demo competition!

  Wonderland 6 (1990, Demo).

  Happy Birthday Demo (1990, 05.01, Demo).
  code: Guran, gfx: n/a, music: Danko and Firefox/Phenomena (amiga)!
  Released at the Phenomena and Censor Party 90.

  Contact Dealer V2 (1990, 05.01, Tool).
  code: Codex (intro), Unifier (tool), gfx: Taito (introfont), music:
  Macmagic/TRC (intro, $1000), Maniacs of Noise (tool).
  Released at the Phenomena and Censor Party 90.
  review: A pretty basic intro precedes this tool for swappers, with what
  appears to be two ripped pieces of music - Macmagic's tune says 'by
  macmagic for contex' :) This was the first version of this tool released
  for Censor, the last version was released for Unifier's previous group
  Weird Science. [glenn]

  Fatal News #5 (1990, .03, Filemag).
  code: Anders Almann (psycho), gfx: Patrik Havila, music: Magmagix/TRC,
  editor: John (euzkera).
  review: This was to be last issue with the old code, and from the next
  issue this mag would no longer be a single file mag. Issue #5 was still
  released under the Fatal Design label, and my version was preceded by a
  strange, small note from CRT saying Euzkera had left Censor and that FN
  was no longer a Censor production (which I thought was the case even with
  the last issue!) Well, anyway - nothing much to read here, just the news
  were of minimal interest. The date is based on the next issue, which says
  the last one was released in march. [glenn]

  Fatal News #6 (1990, 16.08, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: n/a, editor: Euzkera.
  review: So finally FN got a new code...it's now a 'real' mag, but...
  there's something a little wrong with it... To be honest: The new code
  isn't really much of an improvement. It's now multiload, but the extra
  space this provides is sadly not used for more articles; it's just so that
  each and every 'article' can have its own soundtrack and logo. The new
  graphics are - to be quite honest - ugly. And even though it's been quite
  a while since the last issue, this is one of the thinnest ever as far as
  content goes. Disappointing.
    No credits either for the mediocre intro or the mag itself appears
  anywhere, other than that we understand that John (Euzkera) is still
  editor. He seems to be a member of Censor now, and no mention of Fatal
  Design anywhere...strange. Apparently they managed to get in a small war
  with Fairlight too, while the mag was away, which has now ended. [glenn]

  One Year In Wonderland (1990, 19.09, Demo).

  Fatal News #7 (1990, 23.09, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Swallow, gfx: Taito, Dragon, music: ???/Vibrants, editor: Euzkera.
  review: It all opens with the standard b&w intro, with FATAL NEWS and
  CENSOR DESIGN logos alternating, so nothing changed there. A quick press
  of space takes us into the mag proper. Not much to read now either, but
  the news and editorials are wellwritten. The movie reviews and the
  interview with Dr.Cool/Censor (if you can't find anyone outside your group
  to interview, then what's the point?) we could perhaps have been without,
  but... Overall, this gives an ok impression, though. Nothing more than a
  monthly news update with some charts, but for that purpose this works just
  fine. Noteworthy for its announcement of the first ever swedish bust,
  Walker/Paragon getting busted on the 14th of september. This issue
  announces the joining of Danko and Adolf. [glenn]

  Wonderland 8 (1991, 02.05, Multifile Demo).
  code: Psycho, Bob, Guran, Swallow, Geggin, gfx: Dragon, Sensei, Skater,
  Taito, music: Danko/independent. Review:

  Shock #1 (1991, 20.05, Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Mirage, gfx: Mirage, music: The Dutch Composer (intro), ??? (main),
  editors: Illusionist/independent, Skater. review: Not really the first
  issue of Shock, but the first one on disk, this small mag actually gives a
  pretty good first impression, with good code, design and graphics. It
  gives a quick overview of the latest news, with the added strength of
  having both an American and a European editor being quite obvious. Very
  nicely done for a first issue of any mag! [glenn]

  Wonderland 9 (1992, 28.06, Demo).

  Wonderland X (1993, 30.05, Demo).
  code: Bob, Staiger, Guran, gfx: Dragon, music: Swallow, Danko.
  Winner of The Computer Crossrads 93 demo competition!

  Spasmolytic (1994, 01.01, Demo).