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Chromance (1990-,

HUN> Alex (Szabo Sandor, code crack edit, 90-01/95), Griff (music, 02/91-
     12/97), Homeboy (modem, 09/94-01/95), Jaydee (crack fixer, 09/95-
     12/97), Jazzy D (Kis Peter, crack swap modem, new 01/91-01/96),
     Painkiller (crack, 02/91-01/95), Pete (gfx, also in Onslaught,
     09/95-12/97), Stake (Istvan Pallai, mainorg1 crack supply modem,
     09/94-01/95), Will (01/95-01/96).
HOL> Syco (Joost Martens, crack swap, 12/94-12/97), Zar (code crack, ex
     Proxyon, 12/94-12/97).
GER> Chotaire (sysop PIRATE ISLAND, later in Alpha Flight 1970, 12/94-
     01/95), Jinx (code crack phreak modem, 09/94-01/95), Rough (modem,
     12/94-01/96), Skud (gfx, 01/96-12/97), X-Radical (crack fixer supply
     trade, 09/94-09/95).
POL> AMC (Adam Zelent, swap supply, ex Charged, new 09/94-12/97), Bolee
     (09/95-12/97), Hedgehog (01/96-12/97), Techno (crack swap, ex SCS-TRC,
     new 09/95-12/97), Vector (12/97), Wozio (Mariusz Wosko, swap supply
     sysop COUNTRY JAIL, also in Elysium, 09/94-12/97).
SWE> Motion (Jimmy Wiklund, swap trade, ex Noice, 09/95-01/96).
GRE> Alias Medron (gfx, new 11/95-12/97).
USA> Rug Rat (sysop EDGE OF MIDNIGHT, also in Aristocracy, 09/94-01/96),
     Scratcher (sysop THE BASS PLANET WHQ, new 01/96-12/97).
???> Fusion (01/96), Immortal (09/95-12/97), Janee (09/95-01/96), Lotus
     (01/96-12/97), Mephisto (12/97), McByte (01/96), Sage (01/96-12/97),
     XXL (01/96-12/97), Zeyex (01/96-12/97).

Boards; GANGSTAS PARADISE FTP (hun), OVERDOSE (pol, 01/96).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 01/95) -


HUN> Cop (swap, also in Faces, new 09/93-09/94), Ollie (code crack gfx, ex
     Pride, new early93).
HOL> LCF (code crack supply, 12/94), Splatterhead (Rene Janssen, mainorg2
     supply swap, 09-12/94).
GER> Dr.Disc (swap, early91), Gizmo (Joerg, ex Solution, new 03/91), Icarus
     (swap, new 06/93).
USA> Catalyst (sysop CATASTROPHIC FAILURE, 02/93), Destiny (sysop BLACK
     GENESIS WHQ, 92), Unholy (modem, 04/94-01/96).
???> Alagami (new 05/93), Chum (ex Chaos#1 [no entry], new early91-04/94),
     Floris (gfx, 12/93), Herman (ex Teen/Chaos, new 01/91), Hermit (ex
     Dr.Disk/Hitmen, new 01/91), Sangfroid (gfx, 02/91), Scatman (swap, old
     handle Zag, 09/95), Skull (09/95-01/96), Szab (09/94).

Boards; INFECTIOUS (usa, 05/92), PHIBERCOM (usa), CHAOTIC FACTOR (usa).

Chromance was a Hungarian-based international cracking group (with the
occassional demo production), born in july of 1990 by the best members of
FBI-Crew. Canadian sysop Deviant (FINAL GENOCIDE, 01/96-12/97) is nowadays
in the pc scene, while Hungarian cracker, swapper and supplier Mr.Wax
(Balazs Bernat, member since 1991!) spends his days in the mp3 scene. They
produced the papermag "Gridpoint Observer", as well as the cracking-focused
diskmag "Are We The Best?".
  1990 - Painkiller was accused by Local Lamer/Bad Taste in Amok's
"Sex'n'Crime #21" [12/90] of recracking their version of "Sensitive".
  1991 - January saw the joining of Hermit (ex Dr.Disk/Hitmen), Herman (ex
Teen/Chaos) and swapper Jazzy-D. There were widespread rumours that the
group entered into a cooperation with The Bombs this month, which is a
misunderstanding; there was never any coop. Some of their members were also
busted by the Hungarian post for cheating with stamps this month. Gizmo
joined from Solution in march. Still early in the year, the group saw the
departure of Gabriel (gfx), the arrival of Chum/Chaos#1, Suicide leaving the
scene, and later rejoining it as a member of Avantgarde.
  1993 - Dishy joined Dominators early this year. Mr.Wax stopped producing
"Are We The Best?' early this year, and went out in other diskmags looking
for someone to take it over. Swapper TBB joined from Arcade early in the
year, but soon moved on and was in Red Sector Inc. by october. Alagami
joined in may. German swapper Icarus joined around july. Cop joined from
Faces as his second group in september.
  1994 - American sysop Ancient Mariner (THE EVIL ISLAND) rejoined his old
group Alpha Flight 1970 in september, after joining around the middle of the
year. They also lost and then regained Rug Rat (EDGE OF MIDNIGHT), though
now in cooperation with Aristocracy, and gained polish swapper and supplier
AMC from Charged this month. Other events in september included Wozio
leaving for his army duty, joining the already active Jazzy-D.
  1995 - Polish coder Druid/Agony left the group around january, and
instead joined F4CG as his second group. X-Radical was busted by the post
and police for sending hashish to one of his contacts, also around january.
American cracker Fungus joined this year, but left soon after for F4CG.
Cracker and swapper Blaze joined for a brief period from Xenon, before
moving on to Alpha Flight 1970 around september. Their swapper Zag renamed
to Scatman. Three new members joined; Techno/SCS-TRC (crack swap), Pete/
Onslaught joined as a doublemember, and finally Motion - previously of
Noice - joined as a swapper and trader. Some members also decided to leave;
Stake and Homeboy, who will be staying in Onslaught only, and took with him
swedish Joyride (sysop HIGHWAY, 93-) for the ride. When Wozio returned
from his army duty in october, he intends to open a board called COUNT(R)Y
JAIL and resume his swapping activities. Mr.Wax and Jazzy D are also said
to be fully back in action. Artists Alias Medron, Moose and T.L. joined late
this year, as did Spermbird/Excess - with this as his second group.
  1996 - Around january the group recruited american sysop Scratcher (BASS
PLANET) and polish Hedgehog.
  1997 - In november-december they expanded their cooperation with
Hungarian demo group Resource, and the two groups now share the internet
server, where also their popular ftp site GANGSTA'S PARADISE
is now hosted. Sphere was kicked out due to inactivity.
  1999 - Spermbird (swap, also in Excess, 09/95-) left for Laxity.
  2000 - Longtime Hungarian coder, fixer and siteop Lion (09/94-) left for

  Are We The Best? #1 (1991, early, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Alex, gfx: Gabriel, music: Griff.
  MAG - code: Alex, gfx: Alex (1x1 chars), Sangfroid (big chars), music:
        Griff, editors: Mr.Wax, Gabriel, Alex.
  review: AWTB is a mini-mag, focusing on the cracker scene, but fails to
  surpass its big brother, Triad's "Gamers Guide". The mag is laid out in a
  pretty simple manner, with a down/up scrolling text display, controlled
  via the joystick, and a mag logo in greyscale at the top of the screen.
  The ever-popular flashing text phenomenon is overkilled here. Editorially,
  this is pretty much what you'd expect frm a mag with this focus; it looks
  a lot like Gamers Guide, with the main bulk of the text dedicated to
  comparing versions of recently released cracks. The entire mag comes in a
  single 79-block file. The release date is approximate, and is more of an
  educated guess than anything else... :) Most of the covered games do seem
  to have been released around february, so an early march release is not a
  bad guess, I believe.
    Games covered this issue are; Breathalyzer (4 versions), Cavemania (6
  versions), Chips Challenge (3 versions), CJ's Elephant Antics (3
  versions), Combat Zone (3 versions), Deri Colours (6 versions), Diplomacy
  (3 versions), Exterminator (5 versions), Future Edition - Turn It 2 (1
  version), Hunt For Red October 2 (2 versions), Loopz (3 versions), Quick
  Draw McGraw (2 versions), Soccer Challenge (4 versions), Stuemp (3
  versions), Supercars (7 versions), Tanks (4 versions) and Tough Guys (7
  versions). [glenn]

  Are We The Best? #2 (1991, .04?, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Alex, gfx: Gabriel, music: Griff.
  MAG - code: Alex, gfx: Alex (1x1 chars), Sangfroid (big chars), music:
        Griff, editor: Mr.Wax.
  review: The intro is the same as the first issue, as is the mag code. They
  mention their similarities to the Gamers Guide now, but claim they had the
  IDEA first. Anyway, not a lot has changed since the last issue, the focus
  is still firmly on comparing different versions of cracks, with a few bits
  and pieces of news and other cracking-related information thrown in. As
  with the first issue, there is no indication of a release date, but
  another educated guess would be that it is at least still early 1991 -
  sometime in april is my guess, mostly based on the mention of events that
  occured at the "Horizon Party", which took place from the 29th of march to
  the 1st of april. The entire mag is a single 84 block file.
    Games covered this issue are; Breathalyzer (5 versions), Cavemania (11
  versions), Chips Challenge (13 versions), CJ's Elephant Antics (4
  versions), Deri Colours (13 versions), Diplomacy (6 versions), Eskimo
  Games (5 versions), Firepit (7 versions), Gremlins 2 (7 versions), Hazar
  (14 versions), Hunt For Red October II (5 versions), Last Ninja 3 (3
  versions), Lotus Esprit (4 versions), Madsprings (15 versions), Mighty
  Bombjack (6 versions), Oilmania (11 versions), Pureseed (5 versions),
  Quick Draw McGraw (6 versions), Silkworm IV (3 versions), Soccer Challenge
  (5 versions), Supercars (16 versions), Super Monaco GP (4 versions), Tanks
  (10 versions), Turn'n Burn (3 versions), Turrican II (9 versions), Vincent
  (6 versions) and finally Warlock (10 versions).
    There are a few minor screw-ups, that the editor should really have
  weeded out, but nothing too major. For example, spelling Exulans/Dunex'
  handle wrong, and in the info for Chips Challenge - what Hitmen version?

  Shining Chrome (Demo).
  info: Late 91 or early 92.

  Hammering 94 Official Party Invitation (1994, early, File).
  code: Jean/Absolute, gfx: n/a, music: Griff.
  review: This is probably the most simplistic party invitation I've ever
  seen ;) It's based on a noter by a member of Faces, then improved by Jean,
  and...well, it's pretty bareboned! :) This is a Chromance release only
  because there is no c64 Absolute section, because Griff did the music, and
  because it says 'spread by Chromance'. [glenn]