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Civitas (1998-,

GER> Zeitgeist (Hiram Komper, mainorg gfx, aka ZTG, 07/00-03/03).
ENG> Richard (music, also in People of Liberty, 09/02-03/03).
???> Blackjack (editor, 09/02-03/03), Chico (09/02-03/03), Doc of Desire
     (09/02-03/03), Exile (swe? gfx, also in Anubis, 09/02-02/04), G-Fellow
     (music, 02/04), Hucky (code gfx, ex Dualis, new 03-10/03), Lord Nikon
     (music, 09/02-03/03), Nightlord (code, ex Aesrude, 03-10/03).


???> Brainsmasher (gfx, aka BSM, 07/00-09/02), Pingo (09/02), Raven
     (09/02), Sputnik (09/02).

Civitas is an international demogroup, lead from germany by Zeitgeist.
The group was born in 1998.
  2003 - Rough (09/02) left early this year, and will remain groupless, but
continue to work on his "Pirates Portal" (
Dutch graphician and swapper JSL (09/02-) left early this year, to
concentrate on his other two groups; Samar and Protovision. He will support
Civitas in the future with some graphics, but is no longer a member. Swedish
coder and musician Puterman (07/00-) also left in the first months of this
year, for Fairlight. The group started searching for a new coder to replace
him. In february Lord Nikon released his first music collection, "Homer's
Dayout" [02/03]. Nightlord/Aesrude [no entry] joined in march as a coder
(his first group where he will fill this function) and musician. Richard
joined People of Liberty as his second group. Hucky (code gfx) joined from
Dualis, and will support Nightlord in his work on a new, upcoming demo.

  Balloon Or Die (2000, 29.07, Demo).
  code/music: Puterman, gfx: Brainsmasher, Zeitgeist, Puterman (charsets,
  sprites). Split winner of the LCP 2000 demo competition!
  review: BOD comes as something of a nice surprise to me, deeply rooted as
  it appears to be in the oldskool tradition of demomaking. I came to this
  demo expecting nothing, and was quite charmed by its style. There are good
  parts in here, and others that are less so, but the overall experience is
  definitely a good one. Recommended.
    The demo comes with 9 files, totalling 247 blocks - not including the 31
  block note or the 68 block part selector. Uses Krill/Plush's loader system
  for irq-loading. [glenn]

  Publication #49 (2002, .09, Diskmag).

  Homer's Dayout (2003, .02, Music Collection).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: Lord Nikon.

  Fear (2003, 08.06, Demo).
  3rd in the Vision 2003 demo competition.