Commando Frontier

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Commando Frontier (CFR, 1987-)

BEL> Black Label (12/87), Bubuland (12/87), Dakota (12/87), Mad All
     (mainorg, 01-12/87), Ram (12/87), Stef (12/87), The Jew (12/87).
???> Anubis (01/87), Lord Blitter (01/87), Photony (10/88), Tron (music).

Commando Frontier is a Belgian group, formed on the 1st of january 1987 by
Mad All. Their first demo was released that same month, and their first
crack in february (Shaolin's Road)! Austrian graphician Shadow (Siegfried
Stegmüller) later became Corwin/Scoopex on the amiga.
  1987 - Human left in october to form his own group with two ex members of
Raw Deal Inc. Belgian Anubis left, and became The Hobbit/Fairlight.