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Contex (CTX, -1990)

DEN> Drake (crack swap, 03/89), Nam (ex Nuclear [no entry], new 12/89).
GER> Scrap (code gfx swap, later Genesis Project, 04/89).
???> Johnny Boy (new 03/90), Judge (new 89), Trailblaze (supply, 89), Zython
     (ex Byterapers, new 09/89).

Boards; GARDEN OF EDEN (usa, new 02/90).

Contex was a cracking and demo group formed by Actionforce/Byterapers in
1988 or early 1989, based in Finland, but with additional members in Denmark
and Germany.
  1989 - German Snoopy was kicked out early this year, and consequently
joined Weird Science. Judge joined from Browbeat around may. Servant,
Zython and Rockstar joined from Byterapers, likely in august, Drake
rejoined from 2000 ad, while Dave and Rocker joined from Virgin around
  1990 - Warehouse joined as original supplier in february. Flex (swap
music, ex Byterapers), Apollyon, Scorpion and some others left to form
Artline Design around february. The group was in importing partnership with
INC around march, and also announced new member Johnny Boy this month.
Around may the group finally died. Rockstar and Servant (old handle
Warehouse) joined Fairlight for a short time, before forming Extasy (Drake
and Nam were also later in this group). Mr.Smart joined Class. Norwegian
coder and musician Cycleburner (12/89-) joined Megastyle Inc.

  Graphical Excess (1989, Demo).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: Cycleburner.

  Anal-Probe (1989, 28.12, Demo).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: Cycleburner.
  Released for the Christmas Party 89 demo competition, unplaced.