Cosmos Designs

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Cosmos Designs (1988-1990)

AUT> CHC (10/88), Icon (10/88), Thunderhawk (swap, 04/90).
???> Floyd (crack, 89), Panther (ex Chaos 1).

Cosmos was an Austrian cracking group, born after most members left TSK to
form this group in 1988. Their leader SSD (Martin) supplied the originals
for Antitrack (aka ATT) to crack, and the rest of the group pretty much
worked around that. They were undoubtedly the #1 group in Austria in their
time. Their death was first reported in Crazy's "Mamba #1" [11/89], as a
direct result of their leader SSD's leaving the scene. However Arny, Panther
and Hannes decided to carry the label Cosmos Designs on as their game
development identity, and further cracks were released upto at least 04/90.
  1990 - TIR and Sonix joined from World Wide Expressive around february.
Dutchmen Sonix, Red (both ex World Wide Expressive) and Red (swap) left and
tried to join Bonzai in june, but were turned  down. They therefore formed
Conflict. Austrians Antitrack (crack, 10/88-04/90) and Big Ben (10/88-) both
joined Legend around august, crippling the group's cracking possibilities.

  Just 4 Parts (1990, Demo).
  code: Mc Sprite, Panther, gfx: n/a, music: Mc Lord.