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Crazy (-1991)

GER> Arcon (11/89), Nevis (11/89), Shine (Frank, code gfx, 11-12/89), Thorn
     (11-12/89), Tycoon (11/89).
SWI> Martin (11/89), Stingray (11/89).
USA> Cavalier (11/89).
???> Barcley (swap, new 02/90), Chrisp and Spitfire (crack, late 90), Gadget
     (crack, late 90), Jinx (crack, 01/91).

Boards; WAREZ CASTLE (usa, coop Exodus, 01/90).

Crazy were a primarily german cracking group, also notorious for releasing
one of the first good diskmagazines; Mamba.
  1989 - Derek B left for Nato around september. The group entered into
cooperation with the newly born Lotus in december!
  1990 - Their cooperation with Genesis Project ended around february. DJ
left for Lotus while swiss Cyberpunk (11/89-) joined Genesis Project around
february. The rest of the swiss section (Martin (11/89-) and Stingray
(11/89-) + ?) stopped their computer activities. Barcley joined around
february. Cure left for Exodus in july. German cracker Pyle joined from
Legend in august.
  1991 - Max joined in january. January was fatal for the group, since it
died following the leaving of almost each and every important member -
Germans Pyle and Deff (11/89-) joined Illusion; german graphician Gotcha
(aka GTA, 11/89-) joined Talent; Smasher (ex Fresh, new 12/90) joined F4CG;
german DJ Weasel (crack, 11/89-) joined Crest and german coder Magic Man
(aka MGM, 11/89-) decided to leave the c64 for the pc scene. The game
"Vincent", made by Crazy members (a.o. Gotcha) was released around february.

  Mamba #1 (1989, .11, Multifile Diskmag).
  INT - code: Magic Man, gfx: Shine (logos), Gotcha, music: Magic Man.
  MAG - code: Shine, Magic Man (additional), gfx: Gotcha, Shine, music: Reyn
  code: Magic Man, Shine, gfx: Shine, Gotcha, music: Magic Man (intro,
  exclusive), Reyn Ouwehand/Scoop (mag, exclusive).
  review: A nice intro opens the premiere issue of Mamba, nothing
  extravagant just some nice logos and a scroll. Space pressed, and the mag
  loads. First impressions are not as good as for the intro, but the menu is
  OK. You select one of 10 articles with an arrow controlled with the
  joystick, then press fire to load it. The articles themselves are
  presented in a way that's original if nothing else. It's black on white
  (no color whatsoever) with little animated cliparts (that have nothing to
  do with the articles themselves) scattered around. Editorially, this issue
  is dominated by a HUMONGOUS amount of news, and little else. The language
  also leaves a little to be desired, meaning some of the news items are a
  little unclear.
    News that Zeron joined Censor were incorrect, and was corrected in the
  next issue. A party report is also on the disk separately. [glenn]

  Mamba #2 (1989, .12?, Diskmag).
  INT - code: Magic Man, gfx: Shine (logos), Gotcha, music: Magic Man.
  MAG - code: Shine, Magic Man (additional), gfx: Gotcha, Shine, music: Reyn
  review: Nothing has changed from the first issue as far as how things
  look. Editorially, this issue offers an interview with Excell/Ikari, the
  reports (just info on upcoming events), the charts, game reviews, contact
  addresses, a small comic strip (from MAD Magazine) ... but the main
  feature of the mag remains the news section, easily the most accomplished
  one in this issue - like the first.
    This review is of the 'improved and final' version of the mag, see the
  scrolltext in the intro to know if yours is the same. The original version
  was released at Venlo, under time pressure, and thus a few mistakes crept
  in. We are not exactly sure WHAT Venlo date this was released on, but an
  educated guess might be the one at the very end of december this year...
  But if this is the case, then why no 'merry christmas' or 'happy new year'
  messages? Hmm... And also, they announced the Upfront, Trilogy and
  Dominators party (26-30.12) as an UPCOMING party... Mysterious! :)