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Creators (CTR,

NOR> Mermaid (Vanja Utne, code gfx music, also in Crest, 11/02-02/04).
FIN> Phase1 (Tero Antinkaapo, gfx, also in Dekadence, 11/02-02/03).
USA> Fungus (Scott Brockway, code, also in Nostalgia, ex Onslaught, new

GER> Dalezy (Ronny, music)
UK> Ne7 (Andy, music)

Creators are a demo group, based in Norway and under the able leadership of
the multitalented Mermaid.
  2002 - American coder Fungus joined on the 22nd of november. He was
previously in Onslaught and Remember.

  Happy Birthday JTR (2002, .10, Demo).
  info: Made to celebrate the birthday of Jak T Rip/Protovision.

  Ctr Sonix #08 (2002, .11, Musicfile).
  code/gfx/music: Mermaid.
  review: Six tunes in a pretty attractively packaged small musicfile from
  Creators. All tunes are 'cover' versions of other computer music, from c64
  game soundtracks to amiga demo modules. As mentioned, the packaging (read:
  the graphics) are simple but good - the kind of graphics that doesn't NEED
  a million colors or interlaced modes to look good. But ofcourse, the most
  important aspect of any music pack is: the music. I can report good things
  here too; after a quick listening session, I found I liked all of them.
  Mermaid is an excellent graphician as well as an excellent musician, and
  she proves her talent once again here. Keep up the good work.
    It's been three years since the last Sonix release... [glenn]

  Ctr Sonic #09 - The Hubbard Cover Collection (2003, 27.01, Musicfile).
  code/gfx/music: Mermaid.
  review: Another of the extremely productive Mermaid's themed music packs,
  this time doing cover versions of tunes by the great Rob Hubbard. After an
  interesting intro, with basically a Creators logo appearing and
  disappearing, sort-of as if there was a problem with tv reception, we
  press space and are launched into the selector itself. It's a minimalist
  affair this time, with the screen roughly split in two vertical halves.
  The left side holds the text plotter, explaining everything you need to
  know, with three equalizers at the the bottom. The right side holds a
  portrait of the (admittedly quite ugly ;]) man himself, Rob Hubbard. His
  portrait has some more of the 'tv-noise' effect overlaid. The overall
  impression is once again good, the minimalist design working well within
  the context. I must admit that everytime I load a Creators production, I
  do so with the anticipation of seeing some more of Mermaid's fabulous
  graphical artwork, and if I have to complain about anything here, it's
  that she hasn't put a lot of her great graphics in ;) Once again, I like
  this. The Commando cover rules.
    Those tunes then, all nine of them; Starpaws 2001, Monty's Back!,
  Thalamix II, Delta 4ever, Delta'97, Commando'95 (personal favourite :]),
  Bonus Track 1, Bonus Track 2 and finally Bonus Track 3. [glenn]

  World Charts #14 (2003, Chartmag).
  code/gfx: Mermaid, music: n/a.