Creatures (group)

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Creatures (CRT, -1993)

GER> Caine (Christian Scaeire, swap, 01-02/93), Franko (swap, 03/92),
     Romulus (Roman Bannack, code swap, 92-05/93).
???> Bleed Into One (music, aka B.I.O, 05/93), Dr.Lecter (gfx, 05/93),
     Hiccup (gfx, 05/93).

Romulus released several utilities, including the text editor Screened V1.0
(04/93), Noisenoter 2.0 (15.01-93) and NoiseNoter 3.0 (93, supposedly the
final version :), which later became the Creatures Noter V2.01 (02.05-94).
In the release of this last noter, the death of Creatures was announced,
following the fact that most members were busy doing other things these