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Crescent (CRS, 1993-,

TUR> Beast (org editor swap), Fanatic (code gfx), Impetigo (Serdar Asker,
     music editor swap), Mark (gfx), Olivaw (editor swap), Wisdom (Huseyin
     Kilic, code music, 02/04), Zer-O (editor swap).

Crescent was formed in early April, 1993, as a demo group, through the
conversations between Beast/Dark Sun and Wisdom (who had joined Phobia just
a few weeks earlier). Basically, it was a merge between Dark Sun and Phobia,
though a short while later all other ex-members of Phobia except Wisdom was
kicked from the group. Therefore, the initial members were Beast, Impetigo,
Mark, Olivaw, Psychopath, Wisdom and Zer-0. Thanks to Wisdom for extensive
  1993 - Before the end of summer, all members coming from Phobia, except
Psychopath, were kicked out of the group. Some games were imported and a few
cracks were released. But by the end of the year, the group stopped all
illegal activities and started work on the diskmag Anarchy.
  1994 - Anarchy and its text editor was completed by spring. During that
time, Zer-0 decided to leave the scene, due to personal reasons. Fanatic
(who had no group) joined in. Psychopath wanted to join Inox and stay in
both groups, but because of group policy, he was requested to leave. Just
before the release of the first issue of Anarchy, two new members called
Zack and Beaver (later renamed into Moloch) joined in. They had no group
previously. "Anarchy #1" [06/01] was released in June, together with the
music demo "Sonic Anarchy" [06/91]. During the summer and fall came the
rekeased of another couple of music demos, "Crescendo" and "Sonic Anarchy
2". By this time, technical work on Anarchy was completed, but no further
issues were released due to the editors losing interest in the project.
  1995 - An almost totally silent year for the group, with no releases
except a few utilities.
  1996 - During the first quarter of this year, "Crescendo 2" and "Sonic
Anarchy 3" was released. After this, almost no active members remained in
the group.
  1997 - Moloch and Zack (code) were asked to leave due to a single group
  2002 - The group is still officially alive, but inactive. Forming and pc
section and getting active again is planned, but not in the foreseeable

  Anarchy #1 (1994, .06, Diskmag).

  Sonic Anarchy (1994, .06, Musicdemo).

  Crescendo (1994, .07, Musicdemo).

  Sonic Anarchy 2 (1994, .10, Musicdemo).

  Crescendo 2 (1996, .02, Musicdemo).

  Sonic Anarchy 3 (1996, .03, Musicdemo).