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Crest (1988-,

GER> Crossbow (Roland Tögel, code, aka xbow, 10/90-08/02), Cyclone (gfx,
     also in Abyss [amiga], 04/00-08/02), Deekay (Daniel Kottmar, gfx, aka
     dk, 12/93-08/02), Graham (code, 08/02), Xayne (Guiseppe Musardo, music,
SWE> Dane (Stellan Andersson, code gfx music, 04/97-01/04), Mitch (Michael
     Nilsson-Vonderburgh, music, 12/94-08/02).
DEN> Drax (Thomas Mogensen, music, 04/93-08/02), Jeff (music, 04/00-08/02).
NOR> Mermaid (Vanja Utne, code gfx music, also in Creators, 99-01/03).


GER> DJ Weasel (ger? crack, ex Crazy, new 01/91), Megabyte (Martin Marl,
     gfx, 92-93), The Syndrom (Matthias Hartung, code gfx music swap, ex
     Padua, also in The Imperium Arts, new 04/93-04/97).
DEN> Maduplec (code music, ex Nato, new 12/91-04/97), MSK (Morten Sigaard
     Kristensen, music, ex AMN [no entry], 04/91-93), Tiger (ex Nato, new
???> Bizzmo (gfx, early93), Deek (music, early93), GBF  Design (ger? gfx,
     10/90-93), Goldrush (ger? 10/88-10/90), Royzex (gfx, 08/89), Vision
     (ger? code, 08/89-93), Zoolook (ger? 08/89-10/90).

Crest was a german-based demo group (though a few cracks were released early
in their career), born in august of 1988. They are one of the c64 scene's
biggest success stories, being one of the best groups on that scene for 15
years now. They are living legends.
  1990 - Scorpie joined from Manowar while Heatseeker (crack) joined from
Orion around february. The demo "2 Years Crest" [10/90] announced that Chake
(08/89-) and Scorpie had both left the group, and that Magic Man was never a
member. Heatseeker and Bonk (10/90-) were kicked for lazyness, and Lawyer
(10/90-) joined X-Ray in december.
  1991 - DJ Weasel (crack) joined after Crazy died in january. Danish
members Maduplec (code) and Tiger joined from Nato in december.
  1992 - Pat left the group around january, and at the same time O'Neill
changed his handle to MSK (which are the initials of his name). Megabyte
joined the army in october, and will not be able to perform any scene duties
until this is over.
  1993 - Sometime between january and april, The Syndrom (also in TIA)
joined the group from Padua.
  1995 - Deekay was booted out of his second group TRSI around january.
  1997 - In april Crossbow and Deekay released the demo "Krestage 2 - Follow
The Roots" [04/97]. Deekay was main graphician on Graham/Oxyron's second-
place demo "One-Der" [12/97] at The Party!
  1998 - At the Mekka Symposium in april, the group released the demo
"Krestyron" in cooperation with Oxyron.
  2002 - Dane's demo "Digital Magic" made it all the way up to first place
in the demo competition at Little Computer People!
  2004 - Dane contributed an intro (in cooperation with Iopop/Triad) for
Oxyron's diskmag "Attitude #7" [01/04] in january.

  Crazy Bytes (1988, 20.08, Demo).
  info: First ever Crest demo. 183 blocks.

  18 Years Now (1988, 22.10, Demo).
  info: Goldrush's birthday demo. 124 blocks.

  The Other One (1988, 30.10, Demo).
  info: 57 blocks.

  Fucking Bytes (1988, .12).
  info: 93 blocks.

  Wobbling Bytes (1988, .12, Demo).
  info: 123 blocks

  Puke Around the X-Mas Tree (1988, 23.12, Demo).
  info: 201 blocks.

  Name of the Lame (1989, 01.01, Demo).
  info: 173 blocks.

  A Simple One (1989, 07.01).
  info: 84 blocks.

  Intro Collection (1989, .01, Demo).
  info: 89 blocks.

  My Surprise (1989, .01).
  info: Fanatic's birthday demo. 116 blocks.

  We Call It Acid (1989, .01, Demo).
  info: 21 blocks.

  Blow Jobs (1989, 01.02, Demo).
  info: 190 blocks.

  Blow Job II (1989, 14.02, Demo).
  info: 133 blocks.

  Blow Job III (1989, 20.04, Demo).
  info: 357 blocks.

  Puke Around the Easter Eggs (1989, .04, Demo).
  info: 435 blocks.

  Sauerkraut'89 (1989, .05, Demo).
  info: Cooperation with ZEB and WOT. 123 blocks.

  Blow Job IV (1989, .05, Demo).
  info: 228 blocks.

  Hot Chocolate Bar (1989, 01.07, Demo).
  info: 546 blocks.

  One Year Crest (1989, 05.08, Multiload Demo).
  code: Vision, Crossbow, gfx: Vision, Crossbow, Royzex, music: Xayne, Falco
  Paul/20CC, "Domino Dancing" by Johannes Bjerregaard, TW, Thomas E.
  Winner of the Stardom, Future Concepts, Crazy party demo competition!
  review: Some nice routines in this oneyear celebration demo from Crest,
  like a sideborder tech-tech, some sprite DYSP multiplexes and 5 DYCP
  scrollers at the same time, on top of each others. The overall impression
  is semi-good; potential not fully unleashed yet. [glenn]

  Best of Crest (1989, .08, Demo).
  info: ASM winner demo. 1328 blocks.

  Blow Job V (1989, .10, Demo).
  info: 427 blocks.

  Musical X-Cess (1989, .10, Demo).
  info: 521 blocks.

  The Endless One (1989, .11, Demo).
  info: 105 blocks.

  For 2 Guys Only (1989, .11, Demo).
  info: 111 blocks.

  Red Hot Chilli Pepper (1989, 23.12).
  info: 626 blocks.

  Mc Donald's Restaurant (1990, .02, Demo).
  info: 1041 blocks.

  Alcoholic Hangover (1990, .06, Demo).
  Cooperation with Pioneers and the Guardian Angels.

  The Bubble Tale (1990, .06, Demo).
  info: 650 blocks.

  2 Years Crest (1990, 20.10, Multifile Demo).
  code: Vision, Crossbow, gfx: GBF Design, Crossbow, music: Xayne,
  Laxity/Vibrants, Link/Vibrants, Zardax/Origo, Geir Tjelta/Moz(IC)Art,
  review: 2YC is graphically a very appealing demo, technically advanced and
  certainly one to turn a few heads. The coding by Vision and Crossbow is
  top-notch, a lot of the graphics by GBF Design is very very good, and the
  music is... just fabulous. Really, the only place this demo lacks anything
  is in the design department. The design of some of the parts are a little
  lacklustre, with some more thought put into this aspect, this would have
  been an excellent demo. As it stands, it's merely a very good one. This
  demo announces the leaving of Chake and Scorpie, and the fact that Magic
  Man was never a member. The demo consists of 12 files, totalling 660
  blocks (including the note). This was likely not released at any party.
  In 1994, Pink/Abyss did an amiga cover version of Zardax' fabulous tune
  for this demo.
    What follows is a breakdown of the different parts, with specific
  credits - part 1; graphical introduction (c: vision, g: gbf, music:
  "breakfast" by xayne), part 2; 16 sprites over fli logo + bordersprites
  (c: crossbow, g: crossbow (logo), gbf (char), m: "juicy fruit" by xayne),
  part 3; 11 dycps (c: crossbow, g: crossbow (chars), m: "jingle" by
  zardax/origo), part 4; joystick-controlled picturescroll (c: vision, g:
  gbf, m: "funky stuff" by xayne), part 5; fiftysix dxycps (c: crossbow, g:
  n/a, m: chris/megablast), part 6; 112 sprites in all borders (c: crossbow,
  g: gbf, m: moz(ic)art), part 7; fld sideborder scroll (c: vision, g: gbf,
  music: laxity/vibrants), part 8; fli fld logo (c: crossbow, g: gbf, m:
  laxity/vibrants), part 9; 160 dycps (c: crossbow, g: gbf, m: link/
  vibrants), part 10; the end upscroll (c: vision, g: gbf, crossbow (the end
  logo), m: link/vibrants). There is an accompanying note (most versions
  available online do NOT have this note!), that details the credits for
  each part. Credits for this note goes as such; c: vision, g: gbf, m: geir
  tjelta/moz(ic)art. [glenn]

  Puke Around the Candle Light (1990, 28.10, Demo).
  info: Crossbow's birthday demo. 257 blocks.

  Best of Crest II (1990, .11).
  info: ASM winner demo. 1992 blocks.

  On The Way (1991, Demo).

  Trust Your Eyes (1991, 07.01, Multifile Demo).
  code: Vision, FGTH/Genesis Project, gfx: Vision, FGTH/GP, VIP, Hein
  Design/?, GBF, music: Link/The Vibrants, Drax/The Vibrants, JCH/The
  Vibrants, Laxity/?. Cooperation with Genesis Project.
  review: TYE is a cooperation demo with Genesis Project (hereafter GP), and
  though not really an outstanding one, it nevertheless has some good parts.
  The two take turns coding parts, so every other one is made by Vision and
  FGTH. There is in total 9 parts, which we'll walk you though
  chronologically here. part 1 (vision) has scrollers and moving G + C
  logos, part 2 (fgth) has 84 sprites with a multiplexed dysp, part 3
  (vision) has moving G + C logos in the bottom border, colorful upscroller
  moving left and right and in borders, part 4 (fgth) has 4 dycp scrollers
  over a (very good) picture of an eye, part 5 (vision) has a joycontrolled
  dxycp containing 32 different characters. + a scroller, part 6 (vision) is
  a little cluttered; starting at the bottom there is a scroller, then a
  genesis + crest logo, then dots (the main 'effect') on either side of a
  textplotter with VSN+FGTH sprites flying all over it. Phew! ;) part 7
  (vision) has a large scrolling picture and two dycp scrollers, part 8
  (fgth) has some smooth but small hidden line vectors and finally part 9 is
  the endpart, which is just a textplotter and some fireworks.
    The demo consists of 9 files totalling 516 blocks, plus a onescreen
  notefile of 17 blocks - all in all 533 blocks. [glenn]

  Asbest (1991, .04, Musicfile).
  code: n/a, gfx: none, music: MSK.
  review: Just a simple player-screen for a doublespeed tune by MSK. The
  tune is average, and this playerrprog is just standard. The production's
  name is based on its filename, no name appears within. [glenn]

  Ice Cream Castle (1991, .04, Demo).
  info: 1028 blocks.

  Joke of the Year (1992, Demo).
  info: 164 blocks.

  Glober/Yugowaria (1992, .01, Demo).
  info: BUDS demo. 140 blocks.

  Visions Birthday (1992, 30.04, Demo).
  info: 27 blocks.

  Crest Light (1992, 28.06, Demo).
  Released for the Hurricane and Brutal Summer Party 92 demo competition.
  info: 623 blocks.

  Happy Birthday (1992, .07).
  info: Deff's birthday demo. 18 blocks.

  Best of Crest III (1992, .10).
  info: 64'er demo compo. 1328 blocks.

  Crest Avantgarde (1992, 25.12, Demo).
  info: 664 blocks.

  Why I Like Demos (1993, .04, Demo).
  code: Maduplec, gfx: JTM/Visual Reality, Maduplec, music: Drax, Maduplec.
  info: Contains a.o.t. vector cubes (world 1st) and the biggest tech-tech
  ever (36x24 logo with 256 pixels, joycontrolled). This demo is also known
  by its shortname WILD. This was Maduplec's last appearance before
  "Krestage" in 1997.

  It's Coming (1995, .08, Demo).
  info: 100 blocks.

  Avantgarde Light (1995, .11, Demo).
  info: 150 blocks.

  Krestology (1996, 08.04, Demo).
  Winner of the X96 demo competition!
  info: The introtune by Dane (& mitch?) is called "Dazzler".

  Krestology Light (1996, .06, Demo).

  Bondage (1996, .09, Demo).
  info: 124 blocks.

  Sideborder-DYCP (1996, 25.11, Intro).
  info: 2 blocks.

  Bob-A-Lot (1997, 31.01, Intro).
  Winner of the second 2 block demo competition.

  Give & Take (1997, 20.02, Demo).

  2 Blocks Trackmo (1997, 11.04, Demo).
  info: 2 blocks.

  Digidrum-Concert (1997, 11.04, Demo).
  info: 2 blocks.

  Xbow's Livin' Barf (1997, 11.04, Demo).
  info: 2 blocks.

  Krestage - Back 2 The Roots (1997, 11.04, Demo).
  code: Crossbow, gfx: Deekay (logos, sprites), Crossbow, Gum Bear Front
  Design, music: Mitch & Dane, The Syndrom, Drax.
  review: Seemingly made from the basic idea of doing a demo with an
  "oldskool" feel, while still offering technical excellence. Perhaps more a
  coder's demo more than anything else, this, with records being seemingly
  broken in every single part. This is a very nice demo, make no mistake,
  but I do feel coders will appreciate the effects and descriptions of those
  more appealing than the average viewer. As it stands, this is still a
  significant production, that shows that old records can still be broken,
  and limits can still be pushed.
    The demo comes in 2 files, totalling 255 blocks - probably utilising
  some kind of iffl technology to load the different parts. The demo was
  released for Xayne's birthday, and likely not for any demo competition at
  all. This was Maduplec's first appearance since he released "Why I Like
  Demos" back in 1993. [glenn]

  Krestage 2 - Follow The Roots (1997, 26.04, Multifile Demo).
  code: Crossbow, The Syndrom (endpart), gfx: Deekay, The Syndrome (endpart
  chars), Gum Bear Front Design (endpart logo), music: Mitch & Dane, The
  Syndrom, JCH/Vibrants.
  review: K2 is a very good demo, let me just say that right now. Some
  amazing effects done seemingly effortlessly, with lots of style, great
  graphical design and a real sense of innovation. No text in the demo
  really indicates a party release, so this can just as likely have been
  released outside a party.
    The show opens with a simple intro that culminates in a logo-picture by
  Deekay done in a new graphics mode they call SHF-XL. Nowhere is it
  mentioned why this is such a special process, neither in the demo nor in
  the editor that is present on the disk. The editor, when loaded, defaults
  to this very same picture. M&D's music is called "Magnetic Moons".
    Next is something you're going to be seeing a lot of in this demo, a
  rather amazing little part that precedes all the others in the demo,
  telling a little about the upcoming display. The part itself features
  something I have never seen before, a scroller moving from the bottom
  right to the top left of the corner... in 640x400 resolution! Yes, this is
  supposed to be impossible, I know, but it sure does look real... M&D's
  music is "Escape from Reality".
    Then comes an FLI-stretcher. For those who don't know what this is, I
  can try to explain it like it stretches a FLI-picture up and down,
  distorting it in various ways in the process. This part was done with the
  help of a FPD (Flexible Pixel Distance) routine. The picture here is a
  pretty good CREST logo by Deekay, btw =) Nice touch with the Krestage logo
  in the bottom right border. Style all the way. Music by The Syndrom.
    After another visit from the 640x400 part, it's time for some record-
  breaking. This time Crossbow's done 11 ora-mega-dycps (and no, I don't
  really know the difference from a normal dycp either =), beating Chorus' 8
  ones, which again beat the original 7 done by Light. Another stylish part,
  with a nice logo by Deekay.
    The final visit from our old friend the 640x400 intro, we enter the
  endpart - incidentally the only thing in this demo NOT coded by Crossbow
  =) This is really nothing special, just an upscroller with some bye-byes.
  The music is an old unreleased tune by JCH, sent to Crest ages ago, which
  they were reminded about after JCH released all his old unreleased tunes
  to the internet. Nice logo here too, supposedly by "Gum Bear Front
  Design"... [glenn]

  Krestyron (1998, 12.04, Demo).
  3rd in the Mekka Symposium 98 demo competition.
  Cooperation with Oxyron [details].

  Deus Ex Machina (2000, 23.04, Multiload Demo, 2 disksides).
  code: Graham/Oxyron, Crossbow, gfx: Deekay, Mermaid (endpart), Cyclone
  (picture), music: Jeff, Drax.
  Winner of the Mekka Symposium 2000 demo competition!
  review: And at the Mekka Symposium, Crest showed us what total domination
  looks like... In short, this is simply an AMAZING demo, that really shows
  us how far evolution has come on the humble c64. I'll quickly break down
  the parts for you here, but do see it yourself, no description can really
  justify this demo. The opening is great, with a very cool dissolve of the
  screen into the intro, wholly presented in IFLI, with a textplotter on an
  AMAZING picture by Deekay! Next is some very fast plasma, and then a
  spinning checkerboard effect. Then onto an extremely fast and beautiful
  zoomer, with a pattern that says loading (we also get to see this once
  again later). Deekay's fourth-placed picture from the MS graphics
  competition is next, here titled "Techno-cracy" (for the compo, it was
  "Technocrazy 100%", but perhaps they made a spelling mistake, what do I
  know?). Then comes another plasma-variation, this time sortof 'under' a
  Crest logo, in a part they've titled "Aces-Assma" (?). Then we are shown
  REAL interference, an effect that they claim has now been done for real
  for the first time on the c64, previous attempts were merely fakes. It
  sure does look like real amiga interference to me, at least... Then a
  small animation asks us to turn the disk.
    Te second part opens with a Coca-Cola can, that is then spun and twisted
  in various ways. I remember seeing very similar parts on the amiga in the
  early 90's, actually =) Next we revisit that amazing zoomer I told you
  about earlier, only now with a new pattern, while it loads another
  picture, this time Cyclone's "Cyclone de l'interieur", which was third in
  the graphics competition. The last real effect is also the real
  showstopper; titled "Dawnfall in Technicolor", this is just like the good
  old 'optimum fuckup' effect, pioneered by Sanity in their demo of the same
  name on the amiga, and it looks just amazing! For those who don't know
  what that means, it's sort-of texturemapping... And FAST! They mention in
  the notefile that you can watch thison a C128 for double speed!! Then it's
  just the endpart left, which here is an upscroller over a slideshow of
  Mermaid's best pictures, loaded one after the other. There is really no
  excuse for anyone not to download this awesome piece of demo.
    A notefile accompanies the demo, with exact credits for each part. The
  note was probably coded specifically for this demo, by Crossbow. Graphics
  by Deekay, music by Jeff. [glenn]

  Digital Magic (2002, 03.08, Multifile Demo).
  code: Dane, Graham (irqloader, packer), gfx: Dane, music: "No Match" by
  Mitch and Dane, "Flowerguy's Pool Party", "Magneto" and "Whistle Song" by
  Dane. Winner of the Little Computer People 2002 demo competition!
  review: Dane's one-man show DM is... truly a show. As he mentions himself
  in the accompanying notefile, it is perhaps more a slideshow than a demo,
  but having said that it's a goddamn great slideshow ;) This is a slideshow
  that not only presents a lot of very good pictures, but also a new
  'graphics mode', dubbed x-fli. In short, it allows for a lot of color in
  small spaces, much like the idea behind the original fli routine, but now
  approaching ifli resolutions WITHOUT the interlacing. There are interlaced
  pictures as part of the show too, but the real impressiveness comes from
  the rock-solid 'standard' x-fli ones. Some variation on his subjects might
  be in order for Dane, who seems very preoccupied with beautiful, naked
  women (then again, who isn't? :]), but when his talent for drawing
  physique is as faultless as it is, you can't really fault him on this
  either. The demo is roughly divided up into four parts, each with its own
  individual soundtrack. The demo is run by first running a file on the
  first side, then flipping the disk. The rest of the files are all on the
  flipside. Though I spend a lot of time discussing the graphics in this
  production (natural, I guess, since that appears to be its main focus), I
  will have to extend a special mention to the demo's final piece of music,
  "Whistle Song". Dane; this one's just awesome, and will follow me around
  in my head for quite a while... Thank you. :)
    Exploring the demo's directory structure, one quickly finds it comes as
  stuffed with extras as any 'special edition' dvd ;) The first thing you'll
  probably want to have a look at is the notefile, specially coded by HCL/
  Booze Design, and featuring no less than six selectable Dane tunes. All
  four tunes from the demo are accessible using a selector/player on the
  disk. Dane's contributions to the graphics ("Ray of Light") and music
  ("Flowerguy's Pool Party") competitions at LCP02 can also be accessed
  individually on the disks. The music contribution is also featured in the
  note, by the way. The next-to-last extra is the inclusion of the actual X-
  FLI editor, and the final one is a small file on the second diskside
  called 'WEAPON OF CHOICE' (anyone remember a certain music video featuring
  Christopher Walken? ;]), which is a selector that allows you to jump
  straight in at any of the four parts. [glenn]

  Phases (2003, 22.02, Demo).
  code/gfx/music: Dane. 3rd in the Floppy 2003 demo competition.