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Crusade (-1991)

SWI> Alex (12/90), Andreas (12/90), Kronos (12/90), Krush (12/90), Sexton
     (import, 11-12/90), Skywolf (12/90), Slayer (12/90), Sodan (12/90),
     Tripod (12/90), Twilight (12/90), Xenox (12/90).
N-L> Ghost (12/90), Hellraiser (12/90), Stridersorge (12/90).

Crusade was a mainly swiss group, doing at least some imports.
  1991 - STS was kicked in january. Crusade died early 1991, and some of its
members helped form the group "Bad Batch" [no entry] with ex-Transcom
members sometime between february and april. However, this group died in a
matter of weeks, and the ex-Transcomers returned to their old group. It is
unknown what happened with the ex Crusade members.