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DMAgic (DMA)

GER> Jak T Rip (code gfx, 05/99-03/03), Mac Guyver (Mild Mundt, webmaster,
???> CreaMD (code music webmaster, 05/99-03/03), Wotnau (code mainorg,

DMAgic was formed by CreaMD, MacGyver, Thunderblade and Wotnau. Jack T. Rip
joined shortly after, and Thunderblade (code crack gfx) left sometime around
2001. They are mainly a demogroup, but have also released some quality
cracks of classic games. The group is behind one of the most important c64
sites on the net, the news portal, and also hosts the c64
section of the annuel Forever parties in Slovakia. Members of the group are
also behind the website Thanks to Jak T Rip for