Damage (c64)

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Damage (DMG, 1991-, http://student.oulu.fi/~count/damage.html)

FIN> Abaddon (Timo Taipalus, music, 12/97-12/98), Buggy Bug Bug (Lasse
     Haatja, code, old handle Count Zero, 12/97), Decor8 (gfx, 12/97-
     12/98), Rzb (gfx, 12/98), Smirk (gfx, 12/98), Tempest (Janne Suni, gfx
     music, 12/97-08/02), Venturus (Teppo Keitaanniemi, music, 08-12/98).

Damage is a finnish demo group, spawned from the original group on the
amiga, originally born in 1991.
  1998 - At the assembly this august, the group's sole release was a
contribution to the music competition from Venturus and Abaddon.

  X-Mas Demo (1990, Demo).

  Assembly '97 Party Report (1997, 09.12, File).
  code: Buggy Bug Bug, gfx: Decor8 (logo), !Cube/Trauma (font), music:
  "Modulation" by !Cube/Trauma.
  review: Very simple, yet does its job, this is little more than a
  glorified note that allows visitors to the party to ramble on for
  textscreen after textscreen =) Not badly done, but hardly revolutionary..
  This was Dmage's first c64 production. It was originally to have been
  released in november by Abomination, but in november most members of
  Abomination joined Damage instead.
    !Cube's tune was third in the Zoo 97 music competition. [glenn]

  Shaft preview (1998, 05.12, Demo).
  2nd in the Zoo 98 demo competition.
  review: Not released at the party, since the producers wanted to clean it
  up a little first.